Why Do Horses In Australia Race On Grass?

If you have attended live racing in Australia or watched Australian horse racing on a live stream from your favorite online racebook, you may have noticed that the horses race almost exclusively on grass surfaces. Turf racing is a long-held tradition in Australia and Europe. It can be challenging to handicap races on the grass, but the rewards can be […] Continue Reading

The Melbourne Cup Racing Carnival

There are few events more popular in Australian horse racing than the Melbourne Cup Racing Carnival. It is comparable to the Triple Crown series in America. The carnival hosts many important races which include the Melbourne Cup. You can watch and wager on these races with your favorite online race betting site. Here are some important things you should known […] Continue Reading

Picking Horse Race Winners In Australia

Many of our readers want advice on how to pick winners in Australian horse racing. The racing in this part of the world is filled with many important stakes race events that feature very talented horses. This means that the Australian horse races can be very competitive. In this series of handicapping articles EZ Horse Betting is going to look […] Continue Reading

Top 10 Jockeys In Australian Horse Racing

Jockeys are the men and women of steel who make horse racing exciting. The diminutive athletes are pound-for-pound some of the strongest people in the world. Weighing little more than 100 pounds, a jockey is able to steer a 1,000 pound animal through narrow openings and control the horse’s speed throughout a race. Here is a look at ten jockeys […] Continue Reading

5 Reasons To Bet Australian Horse Racing

We get many emails at EZ Horse Betting from handicappers that love to bet the Australian horse races. This is not surprising. Australia offers some of the most exciting horse racing to be found anywhere in the world. There are also many online racebooks that allow betting on Australian tracks. It isn’t even necessary to leave home if you want […] Continue Reading

Australian Racing Terms You Need To Know

When it comes to horse racing in Australia the terminology is a bit different. You will encounter certain words and phrases that aren’t really used in American horse racing. Knowing what these unique words and phrases are will benefit you in your Australian horse race betting. Acceptor – This is a horse that has been confirmed as an entrant in […] Continue Reading

The Best Way To Bet Horse Races From Australia

Many handicappers love to watch and wager on Australian horse racing. The races on this continent are very exciting and consist of full fields that offer nice betting opportunities. If you live in Australia and can attend the races in person you will find bookies at the track that are happy to take your bet. For those that cannot make […] Continue Reading

The Australian Racing Hall Of Fame

You may be familiar with the Racing Hall of Fame in America. Did you also know that Australia has its own place to honor great horse racing champions? The Australian Racing Hall of Fame was created to recognize greatness in many different racing categories. One can find legendary horses, trainers, and jockeys in the Australian Racing Hall of Fame. Honoring […] Continue Reading

Top 10 Legendary Australian Race Horses

Everyone loves a racing champion. EZ Horse Betting has compiled a list of the greatest race horses to ever compete in Australia. These horses are only a part of what makes racing Down Under great. Here is our list of the top ten legendary Australian race horses.   10 – Makybe Diva When it comes to modern Australian race horses […] Continue Reading

Phar Lap – The Sad End Of Australia’s Greatest Race Horse

In the history of Australian horse racing there is no greater champion than Phar Lap. Bred in New Zealand, the great Phar Lap accomplished most of his success on the race tracks of Australia. He was able to win the Melbourne Cup, and he also won the Cox Plate twice. A dignified champion, Phar Lap was shipped to North America where […] Continue Reading