Make A Part-time Living Betting Horses Online

For some people the idea of making a living as a professional gambler is just too hard to resist. They dream of a life on easy street, high rolling, beautiful women, and fancy cars. It is not like that for most professional gamblers who bet on horses full time. They are subject to ups and downs and long streaks without […] Continue Reading

The Craziest Bets In The History Of Horse Racing

Billionaires who make million dollar horse racing bets at the drop of a hat. Stable boys who got lucky and horses winning at impossible odds. These are all a part of the craziest bets in horse racing. Most of us only dream of making some bets like these. The following people made their dreams a reality. The Groom Who Became […] Continue Reading

Celebrities That Like Betting On Horses

If you have watched the Kentucky Derby or the Breeders’ Cup World Championships on television then you know that many celebrities like horse racing. These events are filled with famous faces. At the Kentucky Derby there is even an area called Millionaire’s Row where the rich and famous gather together to celebrate with a few drinks and wager. Here are […] Continue Reading

The Best Horse Betting Formula

Every handicapper is always looking for a horse betting formula that will solve all of their problems. We will tell you up front that there is no such magic formula in horse racing. The good news is that there are a few different formulas that you can use to play the horses at an online racebook. You will ultimately have […] Continue Reading

Mastering The Fundamentals Of Handicapping

The person who wants to be successful betting on horse racing has a large mountain to climb. The mountain is not an obstacle that cannot be overcome, but doing so requires the bettor to master the fundamentals of handicapping. Knowledge of the basic principles are important to everyone that bets at an online racebook or at a live race track. […] Continue Reading

Is Horse Racing Profitable?

Horse racing generates billions of dollars in revenue each year. It stands to reason that someone is profiting from all of that money. EZ Horse Betting is often asked, β€œIs horse racing profitable?” The answer is yes, but for some more than others. Here’s a closer look at the different groups of people who make money at the race track. […] Continue Reading

Who Is The Best Horse Racing Handicapper?

There are many handicappers who make their living betting on horse racing. Some of them also make a nice living selling their racing selections to the public. At EZ Horse Betting we have compiled a list of three famous bettors to help you decide who is the best horse racing handicapper. These are the bettors you want to emulate if […] Continue Reading

How To Turn $5 Into $100 At The Race Track

There are many gamblers who want to turn a quick profit. The truth is that getting rich quick gambling on horses or casino games is a difficult feat. The odds are just too much in the house’s favor for casino games, and horse racing involves a lot of so-called racing luck. Even so, we get emails from our EZ Horse […] Continue Reading

What Is Jackpot In Horse Racing?

You might be thinking that winning large sums of money from betting on horses is impossible. After all, you’re only betting a few dollars on each race. What you might not know is that horse racing has its own type of jackpot that could possibly make you an instant millionaire. What is jackpot in horse racing? It’s a massive win […] Continue Reading

Horse Racing Gambling Advanced

There are those who like EZ Horse Betting and only play occasionally at their favorite online racebook. There are also others who want to take their horse betting to the next level. For these players we have prepared some information on additional strategies that might be profitable. Here is a look at horse racing gambling advanced for the serious player. […] Continue Reading

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