Use A Horse Racing Bonus For Free Bets

The fans of EZ Horse Betting know how important it is to build your bankroll. A horse racing bonus for new players is offered by many racebooks. This bonus can essentially allow you to make free bets on all of your favorite racehorses at all of your favorite tracks. The best part is that claiming a bonus can be as […] Continue Reading

The Paulick Report Review :

The Paulick Report has been a leading provider of horse racing news for many years now. Each day racing fans turn to this industry website for up-to-the-minute information provided by industry veteran Ray Paulick and a team of highly respected journalists. There is information on horses, trainers, racetracks, and all of the top stakes races around the world. The fan […] Continue Reading

Learn to Read Horseracing Comments

If you like EZ Horse Betting and regularly study the past performances found in the Daily Racing Form, you’ve often encountered comments made by the chart caller. These brief comments are designed to present a succinct picture of how the horse ran its race in just a couple of sentences. The real trick is learning to read between the lines […] Continue Reading

Horse Betting Tips

There are a number of ways smart handicappers bet horses online. Many of the methods used by the best bettors are referred to as angles. Sometimes a specific angle can create many betting opportunities at the racetrack. There are also some standard practices you can adopt to increase your chances of winning. Here is a list of the Top 20 […] Continue Reading

Betting Angeles in Horseracing

There are many different kinds of handicappers. Some of them prefer to handicap speed. Others focus on pace. There are some who prefer to analyze the past running lines and replays of horses. All of these methods can require diligent study in order to implement them successfully and make a profit at EZ Horse Betting. There is another kind of […] Continue Reading

What is Takeout in Horse Betting

Every handicapper must overcome a series of challenges in order to achieve success on the track. The master of EZ Horse Betting must learn how to pick winners better than the other bettors at the track. Years of study and watching many horse races are often what separates the good from the great, the winners from the losers. There is […] Continue Reading

Betting Layoffs And Cycles In Horseracing

One of the biggest challenges for the handicapper that likes EZ Horse Betting is betting layoffs and cycles in horseracing. Over the course of its career, a thoroughbred racehorse will go through many cycles. The horse will most often take frequent breaks in which it is allowed to rest and will also demonstrate certain form cycles. When you can recognize […] Continue Reading

Horses to Watch in the 2017 Triple Crown

This is one of the most exciting times of the year for horseracing fans. All across the world trainers are preparing their young champions to make a run at the 2017 Triple Crown. If recent years are any indication, this year’s crop of potential champions could present many opportunities for handicappers to make money, and EZ Horse Betting is here […] Continue Reading

Pittsburgh Phil–the Greatest At Ez Horse Betting

There are many men who have mastered the art of horse betting, but none of them achieved the success of the legendary George E. Smith, also known as Pittsburgh Phil. An avid gambler who loved many types of betting, Pittsburgh Phil had a special affinity for betting on racehorses. His methods were so good that they are still used successfully […] Continue Reading

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