How To Bet On Horses & Win

The one thing that new horse bettors and handicappers want to know is how to bet on horses and win. It is the question that is asked most often when EZ Horse Betting gets emails from readers. We have provided a large amount of handicapping information that is designed to make you a good horse bettor. There are other things, […] Continue Reading

A History Of Horse Gambling

The origins of horse racing are steeped in tales of kings and queens that owned and raced their own majestic animals. For almost as long as there has been horse racing there has been horse gambling. It seems to be a sport that has always lent itself to wagers between participants. At some point the betting expanded to include spectators. […] Continue Reading

How To Get Free Bets In Horse Racing

Betting on horse racing is an entertaining way to gamble. It can also be profitable for those who perfect the art of handicapping and learn how to pick winners. Some smart horse bettors have even figured out how to get free bets in horse racing. That’s right. There are ways that you can use other people’s money to bet. Here […] Continue Reading

Is Online Horse Betting Legal

Betting horse racing and other sports online is a billion-dollar business in the United States and abroad. Most of our readers at EZ Horse Betting have made the decision to use an online racebook to make their bets. There are many advantages of doing so. Still, we get the occasional question: is online horse betting legal. In this article we’ll […] Continue Reading

How to Bet on Horses like a Pro

Do you want to take your horse betting to the next level? Are you ready to win money like the professional handicappers who dominate the race tracks and online racebooks? To win big you have to learn how to bet on horses like a pro. You need to learn to think, act, and bet like the professional horse bettor. Here […] Continue Reading

UK Horse Racing Tips

Are you one of the many horse racing fans that likes to bet on horses in the UK? You can do that when you create an account with an online racebook like the ones recommended by EZ Horse Betting. Winning takes more than just opening your account and making that first deposit. You also have to study the races, horses, […] Continue Reading

Hong Kong Horse Racing Bets

Many horse bettors are familiar with Hong Kong horse racing and the betting opportunities that it offers. There are large betting pools and millions of dollars bet on each race. To take advantage of betting racing in Hong Kong with an online racebook you need to be familiar with the types of bets that are offered. They differ somewhat from […] Continue Reading

Get Rebates On Hong Kong Racing Bets

Proper money management is very important for someone that bets on horses. The way that you maximize your bankroll is going to determine your profits when betting horses online for real money. What if there was a way for you to recoup a part of your wagering losses? That would be a very wise way to bet. It might sound […] Continue Reading

$1 Billion Dollar Man Of Hong Kong Horse Racing

How much in winnings does it take for to you consider it to be a big day betting horses at the track or an online racebook? $100? $1,000? At Ez Horse Betting we have some readers who would be happy to cash in a $50 winning ticket. Just imagine what you would do if you scored over $1 billion in […] Continue Reading

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