The Power Factor Horse Racing System

Thoroughbred horses are remarkable animals. They can sustain their speed over distances of one mile or more while carrying 120 pounds, and they sometimes run as fast as 40 MPH. It should come as no surprise that power is an important consideration in handicapping. EZ Horse Betting offers you a power factor horse betting system that you can use at […] Continue Reading

Route Race Horse Betting System

Horse racing is contested at various distances. There are sprints which are ran at distances of 7 furlongs or less. Anything over 7 furlongs is considered a route. Different horses specialize in certain distances, and sometimes a horse is much better running a longer race. An example was Slew O’ Gold who was almost unbeatable at the distance of one […] Continue Reading

The Mathematical Horse Racing Betting System

We call the act of choosing horses to bet on “handicapping.” Good handicapping is important when you are at a live racetrack, and it is important when you are betting horses online. The only downside of handicapping is that it can be tedious work. Sometimes, it just takes all the fun out of race betting. What if there was a […] Continue Reading

How to Spot a Burn Out in Race Horses

Thoroughbred racehorses are athletes. They train and they compete. They are susceptible to injuries from competition. One of the other things they are also prone to suffer is burn out. A horse can become fatigued from racing too often. When this happens, this horse is unlikely to win even though their recent record shows that they have a strong chance. […] Continue Reading

Spotting False Favorites in Horse Racing

EZ Horse Betting is all about picking winners. This sometimes means looking past the favorite in a race to find a betting selection. Not all favorites are winners. In fact, favorites only win one out of every three races. If you only bet favorites, you will lose two-thirds of the time. A key to successful horse betting at an online […] Continue Reading

Simple 5 Step Horse Betting Method

EZ Horse Betting is all about making things simple. Our belief is that you should spend less time handicapping and more time enjoying the wonderful sport of horse racing. Many people want to bet on horses but they don’t have the time to spend analyzing all of the details of each race. For these individuals we have put together a […] Continue Reading

Betting Previous Success In Horse Racing

You can often make money betting horses at an online racebook when you use what are known as angles. Angles are specific situations to recognize which do not require extensive handicapping. EZ Horse Betting is all about simplifying the process of picking winners. One popular angle is to bet horses who are once again attempting something at which they have […] Continue Reading

Betting Class in Horse Racing

There are literally thousands of horses that race each day in America and abroad. Just like other athletes, these horses have different skill levels. In horse racing these skill levels are known as class. Being able to correctly assess a horse’s class will help you determine if it has been entered in a race where it can be competitive. Betting […] Continue Reading

Betting Post Positions In Horse Racing

There are many variables with impact EZ Horse Betting. One of these which is not often considered is post position. The placement of a horse in the starting gate can sometimes flatter or compromise that horse’s chances to win. If you are able to spot advantageous post positions, you can sometimes pick a winner without the need for more complicated […] Continue Reading

Should You Bet Odds-on Horses?

One of the most important concepts of horse betting is something known as value. To get value means that you are getting the best price for your bets. The higher the odds on a horse, the more value you receive. Sometimes a favorite is so prominent in the betting that you cannot see a way that it can be beaten. […] Continue Reading