Handicapping Horses Software

Those who like EZ Horse Betting at an online racebook are always looking for ways to improve their handicapping. It is also useful to simplify the process of picking winners at the race track. What could be more simple than a computer program that does all the work for you? As crazy as it may sound, handicapping horses software does […] Continue Reading

Handicapping Horses for a Living

Did you know that there are men and women who make an income handicapping horses? Make no mistake, EZ Horse Betting as a way to earn a living is not for the faint of heart. It takes patience, knowledge, and the willingness to devote time and effort to studying horse racing. Here are some things you might not realize about […] Continue Reading

How Do Handicaps Work In Horse Racing?

One of the most frequent questions we get asked here at EZ Horse Betting is how do handicaps work in horse racing? These types of races aren’t as popular today, but they are still good betting opportunities. Handicaps usually contain competitive fields of horses that make picking a winner more difficult. This means that the potential odds on your favorite […] Continue Reading

10 Basic Horse Racing Betting Tips

The readers of EZ Horse Betting have been asking us to provide some simple betting suggestions for use at an online racebook. While there is no guaranteed way to win when gambling, some of these tips will certainly improve your chances. Best of all, using them requires very little handicapping skills. Here are 10 basic horse racing betting tips that […] Continue Reading

Handicapping 101 Guide

Do you want to become a master of EZ Horse Betting? Are you ready to win real money at an online racebook? We’re here to help. Before you can join the best handicappers you just need a little refresher course. Think of it as a college class called Handicapping 101. Every horse racing bettor has to start somewhere, and it’s […] Continue Reading

Speed Handicapping Method

There are so many different ways to handicap horse races. Some like to handicap pace. Some like to handicap form. But there is one thing that no handicapper can dispute. Horse races are fundamentally about speed. The fastest horse in a race wins most of the time. It only makes sense that finding out which horse is fastest will give […] Continue Reading

What Does It Mean When A Horse Is Handicapped?

If you are interested in EZ Horse Betting you will often hear bettors talking about how a horse is handicapped. This term can actually be used in two different contexts. One of them refers to betting and the other refers to a weight allowance in a certain type of race. To become an expert at picking race horse winners you […] Continue Reading

Handicapping Worksheet & Checklist

How do I handicap a horse race? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by new online racebook bettors. EZ Horse Betting understands that picking race winners can be a daunting process. There are lots of factors to consider. It is easy to get sidetracked during the handicapping process. We’ve put together this handicapping worksheet so that you […] Continue Reading

The Power Factor Horse Racing System

Thoroughbred horses are remarkable animals. They can sustain their speed over distances of one mile or more while carrying 120 pounds, and they sometimes run as fast as 40 MPH. It should come as no surprise that power is an important consideration in handicapping. EZ Horse Betting offers you a power factor horse betting system that you can use at […] Continue Reading

Route Race Horse Betting System

Horse racing is contested at various distances. There are sprints which are ran at distances of 7 furlongs or less. Anything over 7 furlongs is considered a route. Different horses specialize in certain distances, and sometimes a horse is much better running a longer race. An example was Slew O’ Gold who was almost unbeatable at the distance of one […] Continue Reading