Handicapping Tools & Where To Get Them For Free

There are many things that are important to handicapping horses. Those who bet horses for real money at offline and online racebooks use a number of handicapping tools to improve their ability to pick winners. Horse race betting is a game of information. The more of it you have the more successful you will become. Let’s look at the most […] Continue Reading

California Governor Wants To Ban Horse Racing

Horse racing fans in California could soon find themselves unable to attend live racing in the state if Governor Gavin Newsom has his way. The governor has called for a moratorium on California horse racing in the wake of multiple equine deaths at Santa Anita, a historic California race track that has hosted the likes of Seabiscuit and other legendary […] Continue Reading

Common Online Racebook Questions Answered

We receive a lot of feedback and questions from readers here at EZ Horse Betting. Most of the questions we receive involve online racebooks and betting horses online for real money. Many handicappers love the idea of being able to bet horses with their computer or phone, but some of them want to know about various issues. Is it legal […] Continue Reading

What Is An Exacta Box Bet?

Have you ever wondered what all the different bets are at the online racebook? What is a trifecta? What is a Daily Double. What is an exacta box bet? Today we are going to take a look at the exacta box and explain it to you. You’ll be able to bet an exacta box for real money at your favorite […] Continue Reading

How do you Win a Horse Bet?

Horse racing is one of the most exciting and popular betting games in the world today. How do you win a horse bet? The answer is more complex than you might imagine. Winning at horse racing involves picking horses that you have evaluated for racing potential. There are also many different ways to bet the horses you have picked. Many […] Continue Reading

Ez Horse Betting Correctly Picks The Pegasus World Cup Superfecta

When you read EZ Horse Betting you are getting more than just information that will make you a better handicapper. You also get winning picks! A week ago we gave you our selections for the 2019 Pegasus World Cup. If you played those selections as we suggested yesterday you walked away with a win in the Pegasus superfecta. Congratulations! 2019 […] Continue Reading

What Happens To Race Horses When They Stop Racing?

Of all the thoroughbred race horses born in the world every year only a few will make it to the race track and become a winner. The vast majority will never compete in a race. Those that do compete will ultimately face the end of their career. Some are lost to accidents on the track. Others are retired. Only a […] Continue Reading

How to Tell if a Horse is Lame

Lameness in race horses is a common occurrence. When it happens it can mean a brief interruption to the horse’s career or it can mean the end of competitive racing. For the fan of EZ Horse Betting it can mean the difference between making a winning bet and making a losing one. Before you begin betting at an online racebook […] Continue Reading

What Is A Rule 4 Deduction In Uk Horse Racing?

Those who have wagered on UK horse racing know that the betting process can be a little different than it is in the US. This is particularly true if you wager on the track through a bookmaker. One of the things that you will encounter when betting horses in the UK is a Rule 4 deduction. Here is a little […] Continue Reading

The Dutching System In Horse Racing

What if there were a way to bet the horses at an online racebook and guarantee the same payout no matter which horse you decided to bet on? This is the promise of the Dutching System, a popular betting method that is used primarily in the UK for horse race wagering. To make the system work a bettor must be […] Continue Reading

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