Top 5 Horse Race Betting Strategies To Win More Often

Everyone wants to cash a winning ticket at their favorite online racebook. EZ Horse Betting knows that there are some things you can do in order to win more bets. The frequency with which you win money at horse racing is going to determine whether or not you can sustain a long-term profit. Here are the top 5 horse race […] Continue Reading

5 Reasons To Pay a Tip Service

Handicappers at horse racing have always been searching for an edge over their fellow bettors. With online horse betting now becoming even more popular, having an advantage is even more important. Online racebooks have opened up the game to more players, and more players means bigger wagering pools and more competition. One way that some handicappers have decided to deal […] Continue Reading

Don’t Listen To Tv Handicappers

Every racetrack has its own TV handicapper that gives out free picks before each race. This may seem like a good win to get your selection of winning horses. Beware! The smart fan of EZ Horse Betting knows that those who want to win don’t listen to TV handicappers. You need to become comfortable with making your own racing picks. […] Continue Reading

The Concept Of Value In Horse Racing

Horse racing is a hard game to beat at an online racebook. Each day you are competing against other handicappers that are trying to do a better job than you of picking winners. To truly make a profit from your horse race betting you must familiarize yourself with the concept of value. Winning bets means that you will consistently receive […] Continue Reading

Try Picking Losers In Horse Racing To Win Big Money

The secret to EZ Horse Betting is picking winners. It might sound a little bit contrarian to suggest that you can boost your profits at an online racebook by learning how to pick losers. It’s true. By taking an alternative approach to handicapping you might be able to spot longshot horses that will pay off big at the betting windows. […] Continue Reading

Cheap Horses That Run Behind Stay Behind

Cheap horses are the mainstay of every race track in the world. Everyone likes to watch the talented runners in the Kentucky Derby and Breeders’ Cup, but cheap claimers are what fill the majority of races on any given day. Before you bet on cheap horses at your favorite online racebook, you should beware a certain type of runner. Cheap […] Continue Reading

Graded Stakes Class Drop Angle

Graded stakes are the most competitive events in horse racing. These races draw the best horses in the world. EZ Horse Betting can be very profitable when one knows how to properly wager on graded stakes at an online racebook. There is also a handicapping angle that can help bettors pick more winners. This angle appears when a horse drops […] Continue Reading

Why Some People Say Horse Racing Is Fixed

The idea that horse races are fixed has long been a shadow over the sport. The truth is that the reputation is not ill-deserved. In the early days of horse racing there were many incidents where the outcome of races were prearranged. While this does not happen often in today’s world, it would be incorrect to say that it never […] Continue Reading

Understanding Track Bias In Horse Racing

Every race track that hosts thoroughbred horse racing is different. No two racing strips will play the same way on the same day. That is one of the things that makes handicapping and EZ Horse Betting such a fun and challenging endeavor. To pick winners with consistency you must learn how to determine if a track favors certain types of […] Continue Reading

How To Bet The Exacta

The exacta horse racing bet is one of the most popular exotics on the menu at an online racebook. For many years it was the only exotic bet available to bettors. An exacta requires the bettor to select the first two finishers of a race in exact order. It can be a challenging task to pull off, but the rewards […] Continue Reading

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