Weights in Horse Racing

A fact of horse racing is that each horse carries weight in a race. There is the weight of the jockey, the weight of the jockey’s tack, and sometimes the use of lead pads. As a student of EZ Horse Betting you should be familiar with the weight a horse carries and how it impacts the ability of a horse […] Continue Reading

Simple Handicapping Methods

Finding a winning horse is not simple by any means. You may have an idea that handicappers spend hours pouring over charts and past performances, and some of them do. But the fan of EZ Horse Betting should take heart. There are some simple methods of picking winners which can yield big rewards. Here are a few angles that you […] Continue Reading

Join a Racebook for Handicapping Tournaments

There are many reasons you should sign up with an online racebook. These include being able to bet horses online in the U.S. and access to free past performances. Another reason is that many racebooks host free handicapping tournaments. You can win money but you might also win your way into a tournament to crown a thoroughbred handicapping champion and […] Continue Reading

Public Handicappes – Good or Bad?

The public handicapper is a fixture at live racetracks and also at many racebooks. This individual can be found giving out picks for each race. With such good help, you can’t help but be a winner! Think again. There are a few things you should know about public handicappers before you start betting horses online. What is a Public Handicapper? […] Continue Reading

What is Handicapping?

To win money betting horses online you must become skilled at handicapping horse racing. Handicapping refers to picking winning horses by using the information that is available. The master of EZ Horse Betting knows how to secure the best information, analyze it, and make intuitive judgments. There is some basic information you should know about this skill. A Definition of […] Continue Reading

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