Angel Cordero – Jockey Profile

Angel Cordero, Jr. is known as one of the toughest jockeys to ever compete in professional horse racing. The native of Puerto Rico had a reputation for riding every race as though it were his last. Cordero was the first jockey from Puerto Rico to be inducted into the National Museum of Racing’s Hall of Fame, and won more than […] Continue Reading

Joe Bravo – Jokey Profile

There is perhaps no more famous jockey on the East Coast racing circuit than Joe Bravo. Nicknamed “Ace” for his expert riding skills, Bravo has been a dominant factor in horse racing for many years. He is especially good at the Monmouth race track in New Jersey. Many trainers turn to Joe Bravo when they have a horse who needs […] Continue Reading

Why Do They Weigh Jockeys Before The Race?

Before a jockey comes out to ride a horse in a racing event there are many things happening behind the scenes. One of these is a weigh-in. Each jockey must have their weight recorded before the beginning of the race day. This daily ritual is actually a very important part of horse racing, and it also has an impact on […] Continue Reading

How Much Does a Jockey Earn per Race?

Riding race horses for a living is one of the world’s most dangerous occupations. More than 90% of jockeys will sustain a serious injury at some point in their career. With the risk being so high, you would think jockeys earn a lot of money. The truth is that only a few jockeys in the sport achieve a six-figure income. […] Continue Reading

Julien Leparoux – french Jockey

Many jockeys come to the United States from other countries. While most of these riders hail from Latin America, Julien Leparoux began his career on the turf courses of France. Known for his patient riding ability, Leparoux now rides almost exclusively in the United States where he competes in premier races like the Triple Crown series. Leparoux’s Start in Horse […] Continue Reading

Donna Barton Brothers

In the world of thoroughbred horse racing, few women have made their mark. It is a male-dominated sport. This makes the accomplishments of jockeys like Donna Barton Brothers all the the more impressive. Winning more than 1,100 races in her distinguished career, Brothers stands beside other notable female jockeys like Julie Krone as a trailblazer in female athletics. The Career […] Continue Reading

Randy Romero-the Jockey Who Was Almost Burned Alive

There may be no more horrific story in all of horse racing. Jockey Randy Romero, a talented rider sought after by many trainers, almost lost his life in a tragic accident at Oaklawn Park. While he survived, there was even more heartbreak and tragedy in the life of this racing legend. The story of Randy Romero is one that the […] Continue Reading

“Bill” Shoemaker – Jockey

William Lee “Bill” Shoemaker is in a league of his own. The jockey dominated American horse racing for more than a quarter century. He held the record for all-time wins for an amazing 29 years. No one was quite like “The Shoe” when it came to handling a horse. The fans of EZ Horse Betting should know a few things […] Continue Reading

Eddie Delahoussaye Jockey

Eddie Delahoussaye is part of a long list of successful jockeys who hail from Louisiana in the United States. He was born in one of the remote communities of Cajun country and learned how to ride horses before many children his age began to attend school. Over a career that lasted an amazing 34 years, Eddie amassed over 6,000 professional […] Continue Reading

Chris Antley

The story of Chris Antley has been immortalized in a documentary for ESPN, and many people remember this exciting young jockey. The image of Antley holding the damaged leg of Charismatic in the 1999 Belmont Stakes is a poignant indication of how much the jockey loved horses and his sport. Sadly, the world would lose Chris Antley in 2000 under […] Continue Reading