What Is A Rule 4 Deduction In Uk Horse Racing?

Those who have wagered on UK horse racing know that the betting process can be a little different than it is in the US. This is particularly true if you wager on the track through a bookmaker. One of the things that you will encounter when betting horses in the UK is a Rule 4 deduction. Here is a little […] Continue Reading

The Dutching System In Horse Racing

What if there were a way to bet the horses at an online racebook and guarantee the same payout no matter which horse you decided to bet on? This is the promise of the Dutching System, a popular betting method that is used primarily in the UK for horse race wagering. To make the system work a bettor must be […] Continue Reading

Bookmakers And Uk Horse Racing

There are many differences between horse racing in the United States and horse racing in the UK. These include the racing surface, how horses are rated for speed, and the handicap system of making races competitive. The most important distinction may be that bookmakers still control much of the betting action at race tracks in the UK. Here is some […] Continue Reading

Betting The Tote Vs. Betting With Bokmakers In The Uk

In the UK horse race betting works somewhat differently than it does in the United States. At each racetrack there are bookmakers who compete for the action of those in attendance. There is also tote betting which is very much like the betting that one would encounter in the US. Here are some things you need to know about horse […] Continue Reading

How Horse Race Betting Odds Work In Uk Racing

Many fans of horse racing might be surprised to discover that horse race betting in the UK works very differently than it does in the US. One area where the difference is apparent is betting odds. Betting odds are what determine the price a bettor can make from placing a wager. In the UK the fans who attend live racing […] Continue Reading

Uk Horse Racing Bets

Those who have ever wagered on horse racing in the UK know that there are many different types of bets to choose from. Before you play the UK race tracks offered by your favorite online racebook, you should know a little bit about UK horse racing bets. Here’s a list of the most popular wagers with an explanation of how […] Continue Reading