Quinella Betting Popular In Australian Racing

When you begin EZ Horse Betting with an online racebook there are many U.S. horse racing tracks to choose from. Many racebooks will also let you wager on international racing in the U.K., Australia, and even Japan. In Australia you will find many unique betting options such as the Quinella. This bet was once popular in the United States but is rarely found these days. Quinella betting is similar to exacta betting and offers the possibility of a nice payout for minimal risk.

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What is Quinella Betting?

Quinella betting involves picking two horses to finish 1st and 2nd in a given race. If the horses finish in these two positions, regardless of their order, you win the bet. Here’s an example of how a Quinella works.

You choose race 5 and make a Quinella bet on horses 2 and 3. If horse 2 wins and horse 3 runs second, you win. If horse 3 wins and horse 2 runs second, you win. It doesn’t matter which one wins and which one runs second as long as they are the top two finishers of a race.

The payoff on a Quinella wager is exactly the same no matter which horse runs first or second. This is both a blessing and a curse. If a longshot completes the Quinella over a favorite, the return on your initial investment is the same as if the favorite won the race.

Quinella Betting Advantages and Disadvantages

There are some advantages and disadvantages to making a Quinella wager. These should be taken into consideration before choosing this bet over the Exacta bet.

The biggest advantage is that the Quinella gives a bettor more margin for error. If you want to take a risk on a longshot but still have reservations that it can overcome the favorite, the Quinella will cover you if the longshot runs second.

A chief disadvantage is that payoffs for a Quinella wager can be far less than those for an Exacta Box, which is almost the same wager. Payoffs in racing are commensurate with risk. The greater the risk you take, the greater the return. Because the Quinella is such a low risk wager in comparisons to other racetrack bets online, the reward is typically lower.

Australian Racing and the Quinella

Australia offers some of the most competitive horse racing in the world. Unique features of racing on this continent are that all races are run on the turf and that races are run in the opposite direction of those in the United States. The horses run around the oval to the right instead of to the left.

Bettors in Australia still like to bet the Quinella. Perhaps this is because horse racing on the turf can be more competitive and difficult to handicap. Perhaps the laid-back Australian bettor is more wary of risk than the online bettor in America. Whatever the reason, this bet generates a fair amount of interest each racing day.

In the United States the Quinella has virtually disappeared. This is because it is very similar to the Exacta Box. American bettors can simply box two horses in the Exacta bet to create their own version of the Quinella and receive a higher payoff.

How to Bet the Quinella Online

Depending on which racebook you choose, you may be able to place Quinella bets on Australian horse racing. The first thing you should determine is whether your preferred racebook allows betting on Australian tracks. If it does not, you can easily create another account with a different racebook.

Once you have logged into your racebook’s platform, simply select the Australian track you want to wager on. Then you will choose the appropriate race from the menu. The next step is to select Quinella as your bet type and a bet amount. $2 is typically the minimum bet for a Quinella.

Finally, choose the two horses you would like to bet on. Once these have been selected you will need to submit your bet and wait for confirmation that it has been received. If you are lucky, you’ll be cashing out a winning ticket in just a few minutes.

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