Horse Racing Wrongs

2019 was a difficult year for horse racing. Horses suffered fatalities in record numbers and a Triple Crown winner was discredited. All of the horse racing wrongs that were brought to light have renewed the protests of animal rights groups and others who want to end the sport as we know it. There are things in horse racing that need […] Continue Reading

The Craziest Bets In The History Of Horse Racing

Billionaires who make million dollar horse racing bets at the drop of a hat. Stable boys who got lucky and horses winning at impossible odds. These are all a part of the craziest bets in horse racing. Most of us only dream of making some bets like these. The following people made their dreams a reality. The Groom Who Became […] Continue Reading

Is Horse Racing Profitable?

Horse racing generates billions of dollars in revenue each year. It stands to reason that someone is profiting from all of that money. EZ Horse Betting is often asked, “Is horse racing profitable?” The answer is yes, but for some more than others. Here’s a closer look at the different groups of people who make money at the race track. […] Continue Reading

Horse Racing Gambling Advanced

There are those who like EZ Horse Betting and only play occasionally at their favorite online racebook. There are also others who want to take their horse betting to the next level. For these players we have prepared some information on additional strategies that might be profitable. Here is a look at horse racing gambling advanced for the serious player. […] Continue Reading

Horse Racing In Rain & Bad Weather

Horse racing is a sport that is held in all kinds of weather. Horses don’t particularly seem to mind getting wet when they race, so it is common to see many horse races contested in the rain. They can even be ran on horse racing tracks that are so deep in mud that safety becomes a real concern for both […] Continue Reading

What Is The Best Bet In Horse Racing?

One of the best things about betting on horses is that there are so many bets available to the gambler. You don’t have to settle for betting on a horse to win. In fact, making a win bet on a horse might not be the best way to go. We often get asked, “What is the best bet in horse […] Continue Reading

How To Get Free Bets In Horse Racing

Betting on horse racing is an entertaining way to gamble. It can also be profitable for those who perfect the art of handicapping and learn how to pick winners. Some smart horse bettors have even figured out how to get free bets in horse racing. That’s right. There are ways that you can use other people’s money to bet. Here […] Continue Reading

Where Is Horse Racing Most Popular?

Horse racing is a sport that is popular in many areas of the world. Still, many people want to know where is horse racing most popular? All countries where bettors and race fans can enjoy racing would like to lay claim to that title. Let’s take a look four horse racing regions that are available for betting at your favorite […] Continue Reading

What Is A Griffin Race In Hong Kong Horse Racing?

All over the world the sport of horse racing has many colorful terms that are unique to a specific location. This language of the race track is also present in Hong Kong. Those who are new to racing in this part of the world might want to know, what is a griffin race in Hong Kong? EZ Horse Betting has […] Continue Reading

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