Understanding Track Bias In Horse Racing

Every race track that hosts thoroughbred horse racing is different. No two racing strips will play the same way on the same day. That is one of the things that makes handicapping and EZ Horse Betting such a fun and challenging endeavor. To pick winners with consistency you must learn how to determine if a track favors certain types of […] Continue Reading

Pedigree Analysis In Horse Racing

The bettor who wants to become an expert at EZ Horse Betting needs many tools at their disposal. They should have speed charts and pace projections. Records should be kept on jockeys and trainers. An overlooked piece of information that handicappers might want to consider adding is a pedigree analysis. This report only need to be completed once, but it […] Continue Reading

What Are Connections In Horse Racing?

When betting horses at your favorite online racebook you will often encounter “connections” as a horse racing term. It is important for you to understand what the term means because a horse’s connections can often play a role in the process of handicapping. The simplest definition of the term is the team of individuals that is directly responsible for a […] Continue Reading

What Is The Difference Between Point To Point And Horse Racing?

Those who like to watch races from Ireland will encounter a type of racing known as Point to Point. While this race involves horses and riders, it is much different from the type of racing familiar to the fans of EZ Horse Betting. It can be exciting to watch these steeplechase style races, but many of them are not betting […] Continue Reading

What Is A Listed Race In Horse Racing?

Horse racing in the UK is very popular. It can also be just as exciting to bet as horse racing in the US. The bettor must understand that the terminology used to describe races in the UK is different from that in the States. Learning the correct names for different types of races will come in handy when the bettor […] Continue Reading

Spotting False Favorites in Horse Racing

EZ Horse Betting is all about picking winners. This sometimes means looking past the favorite in a race to find a betting selection. Not all favorites are winners. In fact, favorites only win one out of every three races. If you only bet favorites, you will lose two-thirds of the time. A key to successful horse betting at an online […] Continue Reading

Money Management for Horse Racing

Money management is critical for any bettor. It doesn’t matter if you like to bet horses online or play online slot machines and blackjack. You must have a clear idea of how you will manage your bankroll before you make your first bet. Having no plan is the quickest way to lose your money at an online racebook. When it […] Continue Reading

Betting Speed Figures In Horse Racing

There may be no more powerful weapon for EZ Horse Betting than the speed figure. Speed figures were originally introduced by Andrew Beyer and revolutionized the game of handicapping. They are now included with all past performances, but you might be surprised to know that few people know how to use them effectively. Knowing how fast a horse is can […] Continue Reading

Betting Present Form In Horse Racing

The student of EZ Horse Betting can rely on many factors to pick winners and win money from horse racing at an online racebook. Perhaps no other factor is as important as present form. To evaluate the present form or condition of a race horse means to determine if it has the physical ability to compete at a winning level. […] Continue Reading

Betting Running Styles in Horse Racing

Understanding the different running styles of a horse is an important part of EZ Horse Betting. Thoroughbred racehorses are not all the same in how they prefer to run. Some like to thunder to the lead. Others like to remain just behind the leaders. Still others like to retreat to the rear of the pack for most of the race […] Continue Reading