The Key To Winning Triple Crown Horse Racing Bets

The Triple Crown series is one of the most exciting events for online horse racing bettors. The three races which make up the series feature the most talented horses in the world. This makes each race a very competitive affair with large odds on many horses. Those who practice EZ Horse Betting can make a sizable profit if they know […] Continue Reading

How Do Horses Qualify For The Triple Crown?

Before a horse like American Pharoah can ever capture the elusive Triple Crown of thoroughbred horseracing, there are many hurdles to overcome. Some of these do not even include running in a race! The road to the Triple Crown is a complicated process that begins before a horse is even born. The Triple Crown Nomination It takes a special horse […] Continue Reading

American Pharoah Wins The Triple Crown

On Saturday, June 6, horseracing fans around the world watched history in the making at Belmont Park in New York as American Pharoah became just the 12th horse in history to complete one of the most difficult feats in all of sports by winning the Triple Crown. It was an emotional day for all true fans of thoroughbred racing. American […] Continue Reading

The Triple Crown

Few sporting accomplishments are as daunting as winning horseracing’s Triple Crown series. Only 11 horses since 1919 have managed to complete the trifecta and win all three races that comprise the series. It is hard to find a comparable feat in other sports, but one might consider a three-peat by an NFL team or an NBA team to be similar. […] Continue Reading

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