Bourbon & Horse Racing Betting

Bourbon Bourbon is a type of alcohol that just seems to be associated with horse racing. This is especially true in the United States. Maybe this is because the official drink of the Kentucky Derby is made with bourbon. It is also true that some bourbon brands have sponsored big races. Here is a closer look at bourbon and horse racing betting or jump straight to reading how to Make a Mint Julep (the official drink of the Kentucky Derby).

Kentucky – Home of Whiskey and Horse Racing

Kentucky is home to several famous horse racing tracks. These include Churchill Downs and Keeneland. The state is also home to the world famous Kentucky Derby which is ran each year on the first Saturday in May.

Kentucky is also a state that is home to many bourbon distilleries. Bourbon is a type of whiskey that is made mostly from corn. It is often stored and aged in special barrels. The rarest bourbon whiskey can sell for thousands of dollars.


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The presence of both horse racing and bourbon in Kentucky makes their union sensible. Both are large industries for the state, bringing in revenue for the local economy. They have also sought to benefit one another through partnerships.

Kentucky is responsible for about 95% of the world’s bourbon production. There are very specific guidelines which govern the production of bourbon. It must be made in a certain way, and the process by which it is bottled and stored is also regulated.

Why Do People Like to Drink and Bet Horses?

If you were to attend any race track in the United States you would likely encounter multiple bars on the premises. Horse racing fans as well as bettors like to enjoy a beverage while they make wagers. This is also true for some people who like to watch and wager on horses at home with an online horse betting site.

Horse racing is not the only type of betting that is often accompanied by drinking. Gambling in general pairs with alcohol, and not often in a good way. Anyone that is considering making bets on horse racing or at a casino should realize that drinking often leads to poor judgment. That is a bad thing to have at the horse racing track or at the casino.

5 Bourbon Brands Every Horse Racing Fan Should Try

If you want to really get in the spirit of horse racing and bourbon, there are a few specific brands that you should try. Here are five bourbon whiskeys that EZ Horse Betting recommends.

Early Times was for many years the official bourbon used to make Mint Juleps at the Kentucky Derby. It was first introduced in 1860. The interesting thing about Early Times is that in the US it can no longer be marketed as bourbon because it does not satisfy all of the requirements.

Maker’s Mark is younger than some of the other bourbon whiskey brands on this list. It was not manufactured until 1958 in the US. Today, Maker’s Mark sponsors the Maker’s Mark Mile on Kentucky Derby day, and it is also used to make Mint Juleps.

Blanton’s began production of its single-barrel bourbon in 1984. It is a boutique brand that has gained popularity in Kentucky, and it also stresses bourbon’s connection with the horse racing industry. Blanton’s is more expensive than some of the other bourbon on this list, but the quality is also better.

Woodford Reserve is what is known as a small-batch bourbon. This means it is produced in smaller quantities. As such, the price for the bourbon is higher. Woodford Reserve has also joined Maker’s Mark in sponsoring some Kentucky Derby races.

Buffalo Trace is actually the youngest bourbon on this list. It was first introduced in 1999 but the distillery that makes it appeared in1792, and the company claims to be the longest-running distillery in the United States. It is an affordable bourbon selection for those who are new to the drink.

As we mentioned above, you can enjoy bourbon in your own home while you make bets at an online racebook. Amwager is a good choice if you are located in the US. You can also explore our other options for players locates in other countries like Australia, UK, Canada, USA or HongKong Online racebooks allow you to bet the races with your computer or tablet from home.


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