Winning Your First Bet at Horse Racing

Horse racing can be an intimidating game for the experienced bettor. Even more so for the newcomer. Winning your first bet at horse racing can do wonders for your confidence. When you use a proven approach to betting, you may be one of the fortunate ones that is able to claim a win the first time out. Here are a […] Continue Reading

Betting on Upsets

Do you want to make large profits betting horses at an online horse betting site? The consistent winners are those who perfect betting on upsets. An upset in horse racing usually results in high payouts, but these bets are difficult to spot and win. EZ Horse Betting has created a brief guide that will give you the information you need […] Continue Reading

Betting Lightly Raced Runners

There are many profitable strategies that can be used in horse racing betting. One such angle is betting lightly raced runners. These horses can often be the source of exceptional value. Many of them are offered at generous odds. You can score big when you bet on a horse that has limited racing experience compared to its rivals. Here is […] Continue Reading

8 Easy Ways to Win at Horse Racing

In life there is always an easy way and a hard way. It is no different in horse racing betting. At EZ Horse Betting we are all about making easy money at the race track with an online racebook. Here are 8 very easy ways that you can win betting horses online. 1 – Only Bet What You Can Afford […] Continue Reading

Horse Racing Bets Explained

Are you new to betting horse racing online? The process of betting can be a bit overwhelming. Having horse racing bets explained will make you a better handicapper and increase your chances of winning. There are only a few simple things to understand. The Essence of Horse Racing Betting Bets made on horse racing are different than bets made on […] Continue Reading

Horse Racing Winning Photos

There is a long-standing tradition in horse racing. After the race, the winner is guided into the Winner’s Circle where horse racing winning photos are taken. The truth is that this is not the first photo taken of the race winner. The first one happens immediately as the horse crosses the finish line. Here is a little bit more about […] Continue Reading

10 Ways to Make Smarter Horse Racing Bets

Horse racing betting is a game that favors the intelligent player. There are ways that you can start making smarter horse racing bets when you use an online racebook. Smarter bets means that you will have a better chance of coming out ahead. Here are 10 horse betting rules for smarter wagering. 1 – Always Be Prepared There is simply […] Continue Reading

Simple Horse Racing System That Works

Every handicapper is always searching for a simple horse racing system that works. It can be a frustrating search. Horse racing is a complex game that often defies simplicity. Still, it can be possible to reduce the art of handicapping to its most basic elements. Here’s a simple way to pick winners that could work for you. Look For the […] Continue Reading

Place and Show Betting to Break Even

You can play many types of horse racing bets. Ask an experienced handicapper and they will tell you that place and show bets are ones usually avoided. There are many reasons that you should not bother to use place and show betting to break even. We’ll keep our list simple and limit these to five horse betting bets. 1 – […] Continue Reading

How Do Odds Work in Betting

Do you ever wonder how odds work in horse racing betting? Horse racing is a sport in which bettors wager on specific horses which are offered at specific odds. The evolution of the sport has also seen an evolution in how bets are made. The History of Odds in Horse Racing In the earliest days of horse racing it was […] Continue Reading


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