Horse Racing Betting at FanDuel

In the United States there are many online horse betting sites to choose from. One that may go overlooked is FanDuel. This online sports book was not created for horse betting. It has only started to offer bets on the sport as more states begin to legalize online sports betting. Before you open an account and begin betting horses at […] Continue Reading

Bootstrapping a Horse Racing Betting Bankroll With Nothing

Betting horse racing online is an activity that requires a bankroll. You should only be wagering with money that you can afford to lose, funds that have been set aside for that sole purpose. Those who only have limited access to such funds should consider bootstrapping a horse racing betting bankroll with nothing. With nothing? Some of you will think […] Continue Reading

The Horse Winner App

The Horse Winner app is available on both the App Store and Play Store for use on iOS and Android devices. This is the app you may need if you are a fan of horse racing in Singapore and Hong Kong. Bettors have long known that these circuits are the home of large racing events which attract huge betting pools. […] Continue Reading

Horse Racing Online Betting In India

Horse racing betting is a popular activity throughout the world. This includes in India, even though other forms of betting are frowned upon in the country. There are many ways to participate in horse racing online betting in India thanks to provisions in the current laws regarding sports betting. Betting Horses In India Is Legal A law which prohibits most […] Continue Reading

Betting the Horses Vs. Betting on Craps

Sometimes our readers and others want to know which is better? Betting the horses vs. betting on craps. For some reason these are two gambling activities that seem to attract the same bettors. They do share some common ground, but there are differences as well. We have made an effort to compare and contrast these forms of online gambling. What […] Continue Reading

Off Track Betting Online

Off track betting is nothing new to fans of horse racing. For many years there have been physical off track betting parlors in the United States and abroad. It is even possible today to find off track betting online. Online horse betting sites have taken the concept of an OTB location to the net level. These sites put everything in […] Continue Reading

Horse Racing Online Gambling

Online horse betting sites are becoming more popular today. Players just can’t seem to get enough of betting the horse races on their computer, phone, or tablet. We have put together a list of reasons why we think horse racing online gambling is the best way to play. Online Horse Betting Sites Are More Convenient There are a limited number […] Continue Reading

Horse Racing Betting Near Me

Millions of people all over the world love to bet horses for real money. It is a fact that most of those people do not have a local track to visit. If you were to do an Internet search for horse racing betting near me there is a good chance that you would not see local live racing. In fact, […] Continue Reading

Winning Your First Bet at Horse Racing

Horse racing can be an intimidating game for the experienced bettor. Even more so for the newcomer. Winning your first bet at horse racing can do wonders for your confidence. When you use a proven approach to betting, you may be one of the fortunate ones that is able to claim a win the first time out. Here are a […] Continue Reading

Betting on Upsets

Do you want to make large profits betting horses at an online horse betting site? The consistent winners are those who perfect betting on upsets. An upset in horse racing usually results in high payouts, but these bets are difficult to spot and win. EZ Horse Betting has created a brief guide that will give you the information you need […] Continue Reading

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