Superfecta Record for 2021 Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby returned to its traditional first Saturday in May in 2021. The crowds and betting pools were much larger than those in 2020 when the attendance and date of the race were affected by the Covid-19 global health pandemic. The enthusiastic betting was on full display in the main event when the Super High Five $2 wager paid […] Continue Reading

Betting Guide for 2021 Kentucky Derby

After a year of dealing with a global health crisis, The Kentucky Derby is back to normal in 2021. It will be running as usual on the first Saturday in May. All the thrills of the 2021 Kentucky Derby are sure to encourage betting at many online horse betting sites. You should create your account now. Here is a Kentucky […] Continue Reading

The Belmont Jewel Horse Racing Drink

Each year thousands of people make their way to the Belmont Stakes where they might get to watch a horse try to win the Triple Crown. Many of those people also sample the Belmont Jewel. This is the official drink of the Belmont Stakes. It is a summer delight that is often served in pitchers to those in attendance. You […] Continue Reading

Which Horse Bets Pay the Most?

Being a successful horse racing bettor means that you need to be making profitable bets. Some horse racing bets pay more than others. We have put together a guide to help you understand which horse bet pays the most. We will also try to help you understand a little about value and why it is so important to maximize it […] Continue Reading

Smart Horse Racing Bets

To win at betting horses online you need several things. You need a bankroll. You need patience. You also need to make smart horse racing bets. The difference between winners and losers in horse racing comes down to who is making the best bets. At the end of the day you are competing with other horse bettors in the parimutuel […] Continue Reading

The Best Online Horse Betting

At EZ Horse Betting we think one of the best choices that you can make is to bet horses online. There are opportunities for you to make bets day and night when you bet with an online racebook. The trick is to find the best online horse betting, and that is where we are able to help. Online racebooks can […] Continue Reading

What Are Mandatory Payouts In Horse Racing?

If you are someone who regularly bets at an online racebook you have probably encountered the term mandatory payout. This situation occurs whenever a horse racing track is about to close their meet and must disperse all remaining funds in a racing pool. A mandatory payout in horse racing only applies to racing bets which have a carryover. The Definition […] Continue Reading

The Breeders’ Cup Fix Six Scandal

The question of race fixing is one that will also loom over the head of professional horse racing. Some people can simply not shake the idea that the outcome of horse races are predetermined. It is hard to argue with that idea when you have incidents like the Breeders’ Cup Fix Six. The Breeders’ Cup Fix Six was an attempt […] Continue Reading

Horse Racing Betting Hacks

Any handicapper worth his or her salt will tell you that there is no shortcut to winning horse racing bets. It takes practice and skill in addition to discipline. That doesn’t mean that you can take advantage of some horse racing betting hacks. Some of the hacks that have been used for betting on horses are illegal. There is always […] Continue Reading

How To Make A Horse Race Betting Cheat Sheet

Every type of gambling requires that you have some knowledge of the game you are wagering on. Blackjack players, roulette players, and other gamblers often use cheat sheets to help them remember the basic rules of the betting strategy they are using. We are going to explain how you can make your own horse race betting cheat sheet. Having this […] Continue Reading

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