Celebrities That Like Betting On Horses

If you have watched the Kentucky Derby or the Breeders’ Cup World Championships on television then you know that many celebrities like horse racing. These events are filled with famous faces. At the Kentucky Derby there is even an area called Millionaire’s Row where the rich and famous gather together to celebrate with a few drinks and wager. Here are a few celebrities that have been known to bet on horses.


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Gene Simmons

The famous bassist for KISS recently turned 70 years old as the band is on their End of The Road World Tour. Simmons also starred in Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels, a reality show based on his family life. In one episode Gene and his wife Shannon attend the Kentucky Derby where Shannon and her sister make a large bet and lose.

Simmons enters the scene to save the day and reveals that he has bet on ALL the horses in the race. Any reader of EZ Horse Betting will know that this is a failed strategy for betting, but the episode made for good entertainment. It was especially funny when the son of horse trainer Dale Romans tricked Simmons into handling a horse’s poop.

Wes Welker

The former star wide receiver for the Denver Broncos and New England patriots made headlines when he showed up at the 2014 Kentucky Derby. Welker was thought to be acting in a strange manner, and he was later accused of taking a “molly” or Adderall. Welker was later suspended by the NFL for testing positive for drugs, but he denies taking them at the Kentucky Derby.

Whether it was the drugs or just the thrill of the moment, Welker made a lot of race fans happy after cashing a big bet. He sauntered through the crowd, tossing out $100 bills. Churchill Downs was not amused and politely informed Welker that he was not to engage in such behavior. It has also been stated that Welker was paid more money than he won in error. When he was asked to return the money he refused, saying that if the tables were turned the track would have kept his money.

Bo Derek

The famous beauty from the movie 10 has a love for horses that goes way back. She is a frequent face at big horse racing events, and Bo Derek has even been known to share her own betting strategies. Derek says that she favors betting for horses who are owned, trained, or ridden by people she knows. This may not be a betting strategy that EZ Horse Betting would recommend, but at least she is loyal to her friends.

Derek was a big supporter of Arrogate, a horse that garnered much attention in 2016. The horse was named the World’s Best Racehorse in 2016, so maybe Derek knows a thing or two about horse racing after all.

Bobby Flay

The celebrity chef is more than just a horse racing fan and bettor. He also owns race horses. Flay likes to show up at big events like the Kentucky Derby even if none of his own horses are competing in the race.  Flay is a big advocate of betting a combination Win/Place/Show ticket. He says that this gives him the best chance to win.

Flay also makes a good point when he says that for just two dollars a person can express their opinion at the race track. This is very true, and horse racing is about the only sport where you can have that freedom in expressing your opinion about the outcome and backing up your choice with money.

Carson Kressley

This breakout star of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy might not be someone that you would expect to bet on horses. Kressley loves it, in fact, but his betting methods are suspect. He admits that in the beginning he was prone to bet on a horse because he liked its name of the color of the jockey’s silks. When this failed he started betting on horses based on their appearance.

Kressley says that today he is more likely to use the Daily Racing Form when he is making a bet. He has learned that studying the past performances is the way to pick winners, although he admits that sometimes he simply takes the suggestions of the handicappers in the racing program.

Vince McMahon

The owner of World Wrestling Entertainment is also known to be a fan of horse racing. He has been spotted with wife Linda at the Kentucky Derby, and has also been friends with the owners of horses that have competed in the race. The jury is out on whether McMahon is a successful horse bettor, but one thing is certain. McMahon probably bets very big.

We think it would be funny if McMahon brought some professional wrestling tactics to horse racing. Perhaps the jockeys could trash talk one another before the races. It isn’t out of the question. Jerry “The King” Lawler once wrestled a TVG announcer in Texas as part of the pre-race entertainment.

Other Celebrities That Have Bet On Horses

The word around horse racing is that there are many other celebrities who like to bet horse racing. These include:

  • Madonna
  • Lady Gaga
  • Brad Pitt
  • Nicole Kidman

There may also be other celebrities that bet on horses who we will never know about . That is because they may choose to make their bets with an online horse betting site in complete privacy. You can do the same thing when you sign up with one of our recommended online racebooks today. Check our Bovada racebook review, Twinspires review or even our Betamerica review. All great choice if you are in the US. 5Dimes review for folks anywhere!


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