Don’t Listen To Tv Handicappers

Every racetrack has its own TV handicapper that gives out free picks before each race. This may seem like a good win to get your selection of winning horses. Beware! The smart fan of EZ Horse Betting knows that those who want to win don’t listen to TV handicappers. You need to become comfortable with making your own racing picks. You can do every bit as good as the TV handicapper when you learn how to read past performances and make winning selections.


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The Job of the TV Handicapper

All race tracks want their patrons to have a good time. For most people, having a good time at the races means winning some money. To help in this regard, the track hires an individual to give out free picks on the track’s simulcast broadcast before each race. Some of these individuals have a background in broadcasting, and most of them look the part. The legendary Beulah Park even used two attractive twin girls to dole out picks. They were called the Beulah Twins and they were very popular.

The TV handicapper usually has the task of picking their own selections. In some cases they may be given a list of picks to present, but in most cases they get to do the handicapping themselves. Then, before each race the handicapper will tell you which horse to bet on and why they think the horse will win.

TV Handicapper Flaws

The biggest problem with television handicappers is that they just aren’t very good at picking winners. The microphone in their hand does not empower them with some divine ability to pick winning race horses. They are doing the same thing that every handicapper does. They study the races and make a choice. Or do they?

It’s a reality that some television handicappers are not even racing fans. To them it is just a job. They might be picking a horse to win because they like the name of the animal. Or they might be choosing a horse because they know the trainer personally. You never know the motives of a television handicapper, and sometimes those motives aren’t in your best interest.

Another thing that is all too common among television handicappers is that they think they are smarter than everyone else at the track because they have a job picking winners. They will try to get creative with their picks and always choose longshots to win. If this horse comes in just once during a week’s worth of picks the television handicapper will remind you for a month that they picked a winner at odds of 30-1.

Another thing to remember is that the television handicapper is paid to make picks, not to cash tickets. In other words, their income does not come from making bets on what they pick. If it did, many of them would be broke. A TV handicapper does not really care if they win or lose the pick because it doesn’t matter. They are still being paid to do a job and their earnings do not change.

Why Smart Bettors Don’t Listen to TV Handicappers

There is a simple reason why the best horse race bettors ignore the advice of TV handicappers. They know that they have the ability to pick their own winners. There is a great amount of pride and satisfaction in being able to identify the winner of a horse race. A good handicapper can best the win rate of a television handicapper any day of the week.

Another reason is that TV handicappers don’t offer any suggestions on how you should bet their winning picks. Knowing how to bet is every bit as important as knowing which horse to bet on when the time comes. There are many different kinds of race track bets that you can make at an online racebook. Money management is also important for the bettor. The track handicapper will not give you much advice on how to manage your money for success.

It is also true that online horse betting has changed the way people approach the game. Now it is not necessary to restrict one’s wagering activity to a single track. A handicapper can use the online racebook to make bets at many different tracks on a single day. That would mean having to listen to many different TV handicappers if you were depending on that method of making picks.

An Alternative to TV Handicappers

Now, if you really want to depend upon someone else to make picks that you can play at an online racebook there is a better choice than a TV handicapper. You can try a betting picks service like Betting Gods. The advantage of using such a service is that the handicappers are able to choose which races they will release a pick for. They are not obligated to release picks for every race at every track.

These types of services are more affordable than you might think, and you can also check the stats of the handicapper to see how often they are picking winners. You will probably have a much better win rate when using this service instead of listening to the television guru. Check our Bovada racebook review, Twinspires review or even our Betamerica review. All great choice if you are in the US. 5Dimes review for folks anywhere!

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