We know that many of the people who visit EZ Horse Betting want to know, is horse racing illegal in Florida? In the Sunshine State there are many opportunities for betting on race horses, and also many horse racing tracks. Horse racing and parimutuel betting is fully legal in the Sunshine State. Here’s a closer look.

Legal Horse Racing Betting in Florida

Horse racing betting and live horse racing actually made its debut in Florida in the 1920s, but it would take until the 1930s and the Great Depression before the state took measures to fully legalize so-called parimutuel betting. This type of betting originated in Europe, and it allows bettors to directly wager against one another.

No one really knew it at the time, but parimutuel betting was going to become critical to the advancement of legalized horse racing in the Sunshine State. It also made it possible for individuals to bet on Jai-Alai games and greyhound racing.

Horse racing is legal in Florida mainly because of the parimutuel wagering system. The horse racing tracks do not bet against the player. They only take a cut of the wagering pools for providing the races that bettors wager on.


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Is horse racing illegal in Florida? When someone asks you this question you can say that the answer is no because horse racing betting does not violate the existing Florida gambling laws. You will find many racetracks throughout Florida, and it is even possible to watch and wager on racing online.

Is Online Horse Racing and Betting Legal in Florida?

Here again, the answer is yes. There is no restriction on the betting of horses at online racebooks by the Florida state legislature. Most of the racebooks that operate in Florida are actually based in other states. They are still subject to the laws of the gaming commission which regulates horse racing.

Horse racing tracks in Florida do not have their own online racebooks. Instead, they establish partnerships with companies like TVG and AmWager to offer betting to individuals. Online horse betting can be done at most of these platforms with a computer, phone, or a tablet.

Other than the fact that it is legally allowed for Florida residents to wager on horse racing online, there are many other advantages to betting this way. The biggest of these is convenience. You don’t even have to leave home to make wagers at the Florida racetracks. That is even better if you don’t happen to live in Florida but want to play those tracks.

Was There a Time When Horse Racing Was Illegal in Florida?

You would have to go back many years to find a time when it was illegal to wager on horse racing in Florida, but that was once the case. Before the arrival of horse racing to major tracks like Gulfstream Park or Hialeah Park, horse racing was something of a shady spectacle. Illegal races in times past was often held at so-called bush tracks. These tracks were often wild, and there were few rules to protect the riders or the horses.

When horse racing in Florida was legalized it paved the way for the creation of racing commissions which were able to clearly define rules for the sport of racing. These commissions made the sport more fair for bettors.

Is Legal Horse Racing in Florida Fair?

This is a subject that often comes up in the discussion of horse racing, not just in Florida but in all jurisdictions. Some people have a notion that horse racing is fixed. The truth is that this rarely happens in horse racing today. You can wager with confidence that you are being treated fairly by the online racebooks and horse racing tracks.

Legalizing horse racing in Florida actually helped to prevent any influence that would try to fix a horse race. There is just too much oversight today to allow such a thing to happen. Those who are caught cheating are punished to the highest degree.

Now you know the answer to the question, is horse racing illegal in Florida? It is not, and we recommend AmWager if you are ready to start betting the Florida horse tracks right now. You can also bet more than 400 other tracks throughout the world with your AmWager account. Sign up now and claim a nice welcome bonus!  AmWager shown to be 60% faster platform than other racebooks.

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