Jessica Springsteen – Equine Athlete

Jessica SpringsteenThe name Springsteen is most often associated with legendary rock star Bruce Springsteen. What you may not know is that Bruce has a daughter who has become famous in her own right. Jessica Springsteen is a talented equine athlete. She has won numerous competitions in the equestrian sports, and Jessica has also represented the United States in the Olympic Games.

Here is a Jessica Springsteen overview to help you learn more about this young lady. Although she is not involved in horse racing, EZ Horse Betting has readers that follow all types of equine sports.

About Jessica Springsteen

Jessica Springsteen was born in 1991 on December 30. She is the only daughter and second child of Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa. Bruce is known as the writer and singer of classic rock hits like โ€œBorn in the USAโ€ while Scialfa has been a long-time member of Springsteen’s E-Street Band. The two were married in 1991 and have two other children.

At the time Jessica was born, the Springsteen family were living in Los Angeles. Bruce and Patti grew concerned of the effect of the paparazzi on their children’s lives. As a result, the couple decided to move back to their home state of New Jersey. They settled on a 300-acre horse farm in Colt’s Neck Township.

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Neither Bruce nor Patti had any vast experience in training or working with horses, but this environment would become the inspiration for Jessica Springsteen to pursue an equestrian athletic career.

Jessica Springsteen Begins Training On Horses

At the tender age of four years old, Jessica rode her very first horse. She learned to ride on the horses which were kept on the Springsteen farm. With 300 acres to enjoy, there were plenty of opportunities for Jessica to go trail riding and spend time developing a love for horses.

By the time she was six, her interest was enough to merit her own pony. Jessica Springsteen was soon competing in equestrian events for young children. She became a standout and won numerous events. These included the Washington International Pony Equitation Classic Final and the APSCA Maclay National Championship in 2008 when she was a teen.

After impressive showings in the Royal Windsor Horse Show and other events, Springsteen was asked to become an alternate on the 2012 Summer Olympics Equestrian Team for the United States. Jessica would earn her spot as a full member of the 2020 team. She helped her team win a gold medal in the team jumping competition, but did not manage to score an honor in any singles category.

Equestrian Sports and Bruce Springsteen’s Thoughts

Equestrian sports are much different than horse racing events. They do not place horses side-by-side in an effort to see which horse can cross a finish line first. Instead, they judge the horse and rider individually in various disciplines. Horsemanship is on full display by both the horse and rider.

Events that fall under the banner of equestrian sports include jumping, the event in which Jessica Springsteen won an Olympic silver medal. In this event the rider is asked to guide the horse through a course which involves many jumps over obstacles of various sizes. The horse is required to clear the obstacles, and the rider must maintain their seat throughout the event.

These events can be dangerous in many cases. Actor Christopher Reeve who portrayed Superman in film was paralyzed during an equestrian event in which he was thrown from his horse. He spent the remainder of his life in a wheelchair.

Bruce Springsteen has been especially supportive of his daughter’s career in equestrian sports. He has stated that he is impressed by the dedication it takes to succeed. Springsteen says that all the work put in by the rider for many years ultimately comes down to a little over one minute in the competition in which horse and rider must be flawless. He has said this is unlike his own career where the singer always gets to sing it again.

Does Jessica Springsteen Race Horses?

Jessica Springsteen does not race horses, nor is she expected to ever pursue a career as a racing jockey. Her size would alone would be a hard thing to overcome. She is much taller than most jockeys.

Some have wondered how those who compete in equestrian events are able to earn a living from their sport. For most of them the sport is indeed a hobby, but for Springsteen it could be lucrative in many aspects.

There are some horse competitions which pay prize money. There is also the possibility that Springsteen could become a coach or a trainer with her own equestrian school. She could also become involved in the breeding, training, and sale of equestrian athletes for other riders. ย 

Jessica Springsteen is sure to be a force to be reckoned with in the field of Equestrian sports for many years to come. She will likely remain a fixture on the US Olympic Team as she grows older. It is not uncommon for riders in this sport to compete well into their 40s and beyond.

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