EZ Horse Betting is proud that many of our visitors live outside the US. We have recently become aware of a trusted bookmaker called 1XBet. Founded in 2011, 1XBet offers exciting horse betting action for many individuals all over the world. US players are not accepted at this online racebook, but almost everyone else is welcome to create an account and bet horses online for real money. If you are in the US, consider TwinSpires instead!

CURRENTLY as of MAY 2020,  ONE XBET is NOT Recommended. Play at your own risk! Bookmaker or 5dimes much safer.

About 1XBet

If you are like us you may have completely overlooked this stellar bookmaker. The company was created in 2011 and has sought to establish itself through slow and steady growth. That is not always easy in an ever-expanding universe of racebooks. The company is based in Russia and primarily serves Eastern European bettors.

The licensing for 1XBet is handled in Curacao. This is standard for many online betting services. As we mentioned, the strongest player base comes from Eastern Europe, but the company also serves Portugal, Germany, and Central and Western Europe. The company is also unique in that it operates multiple physical betting shops in Russia. This is comforting when compared with other services that only offer services online.

Features of 1XBet

1XBet is a full-service bookmaker and online casino operator that offers a number of betting opportunities. We are going to focus on what this company can do for the horse bettor, of course, but before that we’ll also look at the other betting services. After all, those who bet on horses sometimes like to wager on other sports or casino games.

The range of sports available for betting at 1XBet is second to none. This online sportsbook offers betting on horse racing, football, soccer, and more. Players can make straight or money line wagers at generous odds. The company has made it one of their goals to compete with the Asian market where odds and betting menus are concerned. There are sometimes up to 500 different bet options on a single sporting event.

Special bets and parlays are offered to sports bettors that want to increase the size of their winnings. There are also special prop bets for bettors to take advantage of.

1XBet also has a live casino, virtual casino, and e-sports betting for those who are so inclined. Players can find table games like blackjack and roulette in addition to many slot machines. The action is realistic and just like what you would experience in a live casino.

Horse Race Betting at 1XBet

What you really want to know, of course, in this review is the horse betting options that are available at 1XBet. European residents will find all the popular betting action that they are accustomed to at this online racebook. All of the major tracks throughout Europe are covered, and the same betting menus that one would find at the live track are available online.

1XBet is somewhat unique in the fact that it offers a true bookmaking style of horse better as well as tote board betting. Players in Europe and Australia are accustomed to making bets at the live track with bookies. This is how it has always been done in these regions. This online bookmaker gives players the opportunity to shop for the best odds on the best horses. It may be possible in some cases to get very generous odds on the horses that you want to bet. You are not locked into the betting odds on the tote board when you bet with this bookmaker.

The horse betting interface is smooth and polished. Bettors will have no problem finding the track that they want to bet. Locating bet types and bet amounts is also easy and can be done in a matter of seconds with a computer, phone, or tablet.

1XBet Deposits and Withdrawals

1XBet scores high when it comes to player deposits and withdrawals. Deposits can be made through a variety of methods that include:

  • Bank transfer – no fees
  • Visa/MasterCard – no fees
  • Skrill/Neteller – no fees
  • Bitcoin – no fees

All in all there are about 12 ways for players to make deposits to the 1XBet Platform. This variety helps to insure that all players will be able to make their deposits.

Many players report that the withdrawal process from 1XBet is very quick and efficient. We have found nine different ways that players can withdraw their funds, including:

  • Visa/MasterCard
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Bitcoin

In some cases it is possible for players to receive their funds in as little as 15 minutes. With other methods there can be a wait of 2-5 days.

1XBet Bonuses and Promotions

This online racebook is always offering many promotions to players. Among these are generous sign up bonuses that are granted when you make your first real money deposit. You may also be able to qualify for ongoing rewards if you play the horse races on a consistent basis.

These bonuses change from time to time so players are always advised to check with the online racebook to see what promotions are available.

Currently the main bonus is 100% up to $100 added to your account. We have been given a special coupon code to give to visitors that will give you $130 instead of $100. Simply enter this coupon code when you register: ezhorsebetting

Our View of 1XBet

We are more than a little disappointed that we have not taken notice of this online racebook before. They have a good reputation in the industry. Perhaps it is because the horse betting services that they offer are sometimes lost amid all the other betting opportunities of 1XBet.

We found that deposits and withdrawals were handled in a smooth and timely manner. We also found that our requests for customer service were handled quickly to our satisfaction. The availability of Bitcoin as a deposit option is very good in our opinion and will appeal to bettors who wish to retain some measure of anonymity in their betting.

When it comes to horse race betting there is very little to be disappointed about at 1XBet. The betting choices are enough to satisfy any handicapper.

Our recommendation is that you try this online racebook right away if you live outside the US.

Click HERE to visit 1xbet.com / Use this coupon code:

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