Learning about training racehorses and how trainers condition their horses to win is an important part of handicapping. The smart handicapper is able to identify winning trainers and spot unique training patterns that every horseman displays.

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Some trainers (also known as horsemen) are skilled in the development of young horses. Trainers such as Wesley Ward, a master at training two-year olds, can be depended upon to produce consistent winners in this category. Some trainers, like D. Wayne Lucas and Bob Baffert, are more patient and their horses may perform best at age four and beyond. Then there are the claiming trainers which can be found at every racetrack. These trainers, like Scott Lake and King Weatherbury, are experts at purchasing horses in claiming races and turning them into winners.

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As of 2012, Scott Lake was ranked sixth in all-time career wins as a racehorse trainer with 5,145. At the height of his popularity, Lakeโ€™s stable of horses numbered in the hundreds and raced at multiple tracks. In a story that is all too common, however, Lake fell from grace after receiving multiple infractions for administering illicit medications.

As a handicapper, you need to be aware of trainer trends and special โ€œmovesโ€ that reveal a trainerโ€™s intent to win. Being familiar with the specialties of each trainer and which trainers dominate which racing circuits will give you a powerful edge.

In this section of the EZ Horse Betting website we will examine the life of a racehorse trainer, the methods they use to train, and share some profiles of the most famous racehorse trainers today.

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