Mastering The Fundamentals Of Handicapping

The person who wants to be successful betting on horse racing has a large mountain to climb. The mountain is not an obstacle that cannot be overcome, but doing so requires the bettor to master the fundamentals of handicapping. Knowledge of the basic principles are important to everyone that bets at an online racebook or at a live race track. […] Continue Reading

Handicapping Vs. Common Sense

Learning how to win at EZ Horse Betting requires that you have some generalized knowledge of using handicapping information to pick winners. Sometimes, though, a handicapper can be led astray from common sense when they become fixated on a certain horse. There are times when you must step back and take a realistic look at you selections to see if […] Continue Reading

Simple Handicapping Methods

Finding a winning horse is not simple by any means. You may have an idea that handicappers spend hours pouring over charts and past performances, and some of them do. But the fan of EZ Horse Betting should take heart. There are some simple methods of picking winners which can yield big rewards. Here are a few angles that you […] Continue Reading

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