Handicapping Vs. Common Sense

Learning how to win at EZ Horse Betting requires that you have some generalized knowledge of using handicapping information to pick winners. Sometimes, though, a handicapper can be led astray from common sense when they become fixated on a certain horse. There are times when you must step back and take a realistic look at you selections to see if there is any glaring weak spot you may have missed.


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Making Excuses for Race Horses

There are few things that can compare to the feeling of finding a horse that looks ready to win. You are excited because your handicapping skill has paid off. You want to show the other bettors that you know how to beat the game. You may become so sold on the horse that you make a grave error. That error is to make excuses for poor performances.

Let’s say that you are the kind of handicapper who prefers to handicap speed. You have located a horse with a very good speed figure and lots of early foot. Even better, you believe that his inside post position today will give him an advantage his rivals cannot overcome. You are ready to log in to your online racebook and make a big bet.

But what about those last two races in his past performances. Yes, he showed some early speed but faded and finished no better than 5th. Whoops. And what about that troubling workout pattern? He was posting a workout every week for a month and then skipped three weeks. What’s up with that? Somehow you convince yourself that all of this doesn’t matter. It’s hogwash, you say. What you are doing is making excuses for the horse.

Making excuses for a horse we have chosen is natural. Our ego won’t allow us to believe that we are wrong about the horse we chose. So, we look past weak spots because we need to be right. We don’t want to be pessimistic about our choices.

Scrutinize Your Picks

Something you must learn how to do is scrutinize your race picks. You have to throw them under a microscope and remove any and all bias that may be attached to them. Try to view them as an outsider and not the person who made the selection.

Common sense should tell you that it doesn’t matter if a horse is dropping in class today if he is lame. Did you notice something about his gait when he came into the paddock? Something in the back of your head is telling you to stay away from the betting windows because the horse is lame, but you go and bet anyway.

Handicappers that make money betting horses online have learned to be objective in their assessments. They may have their favorite horses on a given circuit but they are not afraid to bet against them when necessary. Making money at the races is not about cheering for a favorite sports team that you stand by win or lose. The horse you choose is worthless to you if it doesn’t win, and your money is on the line.

Don’t Talk Yourself Off a Winner

Something else you must never do is talk yourself off a winner. This is just as bad as sticking with a horse that you should have abandoned. It can, in fact, be worse because we often get talked off a horse when the odds are very high.

Let’s say that you have done your handicapping and came up with a horse that is 5-1 in the morning line. You feel good about your choice until you check the online racebook odds at post time. You see that your horse is 20-1! No one is betting on it to win.

In a panic you begin to second guess your handicapping. You look through the Daily Racing Form to find mistakes that you may have made. Unable to locate the weakness that the public obviously sees, you decide not to bet on your selection after all.

You then watch in dismay as the horse you worked so hard to choose romps to victory by three lengths and rewards a few bettors with $20 for every $1 they bet. Oh well, you reason. There will be another chance someday.

If you have made an opinion about a race, stick to your guns. It will be nerve wracking when your selection isn’t taking any money but you will be a hero when you are one of those lucky few to cash a big ticket because you were smart enough to find a hidden winner.

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