Horse Racing Online Betting In India

Horse racing betting is a popular activity throughout the world. This includes in India, even though other forms of betting are frowned upon in the country. There are many ways to participate in horse racing online betting in India thanks to provisions in the current laws regarding sports betting.

Betting Horses In India Is Legal

A law which prohibits most forms of gambling in India can be traced to the late 1800s. The penalties for violating this law can be very stiff. The law applies to almost every type of betting. This includes sports betting as well as live and online casino gambling.

In 1996 the Supreme Court in India issued a ruling which exempted horse racing betting from the original law. The Supreme Court ruled that horse racing betting is not purely a game of chance. It also requires skill in the picking of winning horses. For this reason, horse racing betting in India is allowed today.

How India Sees Horse Racing Betting

As mentioned, the country regards horse racing as a game which involves an element of skill in addition to luck. For this reason, as well as others, horse racing betting has a huge appeal in India. The other reason India allows the wagering to happen is because horse racing betting is parimutuel.


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Bettors in horse racing wager among themselves. They do not bet against the house in horse racing. The tracks which offer horse racing betting only retain a small portion of each betting pool to provide for the expenses of racing.

Taxes are levied on race track operations, and those who win at the races also have to pay taxes on their income. These taxes are used by the country for a variety of purposes.

The State of Live Horse Racing in India

At the time this article was prepared there were nine different horse racing tracks in India which are governed by six different horse racing organizations. The very first race course in the country dates to 1777. Since then India has developed a strong thoroughbred breeding and racing program.

One of the things that makes the racing circuit in India unique is that racing is restricted to horses that are bred in the country. In many other areas of the world it is common for horses bred in any location to compete. Some handicappers love the idea that horse racing is restricted to Indian-bred horses. They think this makes it easier to monitor horses and evaluate races.

There is also a mixture of pool betting and bookie betting at Indian race tracks. Betting horses with a bookmaker has long been the standard in many parts of Europe, although pool betting has overtaken the bookies in most countries. Sometimes it can be beneficial to bet horses with a bookie. You may be able to get better odds on the horses you choose because bookies are forced to compete with one another for business.

What About Horse Racing Online Betting In India?

The situation regarding betting horses online in India is a bit more complex. There are still strict laws which prevent most types of online gambling. The country is also know to block access to online betting sites.

Still, there are many online horse betting sites which serve the country. Most of these are based outside of India but accept Indian players. Players may be able to claim bonus money and other perks when they are able to sign up with an online horse betting site.

Online horse betting in India provides access to pool betting. This means that the online platform is connected to the betting pools on the track. This gives players a chance to win nice sums and it also allows them to take advantage of the full betting menu that is offered at each track.

What About the Horse Betting Menu in India?

When you choose an online horse betting site to make wagers in India you will have access to a variety of bets. These include straight wagers as well as exotic bets. Straight wagers include win, place, and show betting. Exotics are bets which involve multiple horses or multiple races.

An exotic bet in India horse racing is apt to provide a greater chance for a profit than the straight wagers most people are used to. Of course, these types of bets also require more skill than some of the others.

In India you will note that many of the races are ran on a grass surface. This can provide some handicapping challenges. There is a different dynamic when horse races are contested on the grass, one that affects the tactical speed and effort of the horses. A good idea is to become proficient at grass handicapping before you decide to make a serious play at the race tracks in India.

India Online Horse Racing Betting FAQ

These are a few questions that we regularly receive at EZ Horse Betting about India horse racing and betting online.

How old does one need to be to bet horses online in India?

At most online horse betting sites you will need to be at least 21 years of age to wager on horse racing. This is true in India and many other countries. In some rare circumstances individuals may be allowed to bet horses at the age of 18.

Is Indian currency accepted by horse racing betting sites?

Yes. There are may horse betting sites which accept the rupee as well as other types of currency.

How do I make my deposits to bet horses online in India?

Most horse betting websites will require you to use an e-wallet of some sort. You may also be able to use a bank account or a credit card depending on the site you choose.

Is horse betting really legal in India?

Because horse betting is considered a game of skill as well as luck, the 1996 Supreme Court ruling makes horse racing betting legal in India.

Why do horse racing tracks in India only allow Indian-bred horses?

The country is trying to encourage more breeding of race horses by restricting events to horses that have been bred in India. This gives local horse breeders and owners a better chance to win the purse money in races.

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