The Horse Winner App

The Horse Winner app is available on both the App Store and Play Store for use on iOS and Android devices. This is the app you may need if you are a fan of horse racing in Singapore and Hong Kong. Bettors have long known that these circuits are the home of large racing events which attract huge betting pools. The chances for profit good if one is a smart handicapper.

Horsewinner App

In a nutshell the HorseWinner app will give you a suite of tools that you need for betting on the races. You can access live racing events, race replays, and other tools that will help you stay up to date on the events taking place at offshore racing venues.

Why Handicappers Need the Horse Winner App

Horse racing is a game of information. It favors the bettors who have done their homework and prepared themselves. Keeping track of all the horses that compete on a certain circuit can be a headache. This is very true if the circuit you want to be is located in another country.


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There have been handicappers who have made billions of dollars betting the races in Hong Kong. You can also get a piece of that action, but you will need to monitor the efforts of horses that race there. Horse Winner puts all of that information at your fingertips.

Being able to watch race replays and receive the latest news from the racing circuit is sure to improve your handicapping. You can then use what you know to inform your betting and make better choices.

What to Expect From the Horse Winner App

After downloading the app you will be able to access a few different features. Foremost among these is live racing video from 4 different regions. You can watch the races in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Macau. This feature is very helpful if you bet horses with an online horse betting site that does not provide a live video feed from the track.

Waiting for the results to come in on your phone or tablet cannot compare to watching the races as they are being conducted. You can also get a better feel for how the horses you have chosen competed in a certain race. That knowledge will benefit you the next time that you decide to wager on them.

Next up are race cards and race results for up to seven different countries. Having access to the race cards from this app will give you an advance look at the horses which are scheduled to compete in the coming days. As you can imagine, getting a head start on your handicapping gives you an edge.

What Horse Winner Doesn’t Do

One thing we find lacking in this horse racing app is an active way to analyze and pick winners. You will not find very much handicapping information in this app. It will be up to you to use the race replays and results to construct your own angles and handicapping methods.

There are plenty of apps that can fill this void. There is also no substitute for doing your own homework and compiling your own systems that have been proven to work with great effect.

Another thing that you won’t be able to do with the Horse Winner app is actually bet the races. You will need an actual account with a horse betting site in order to accomplish that. There are actually some online horse betting sites which can give you all that Horse Winner offers and then some.

Playing Races in Singapore and Hong Kong Without Horse Winner

If you aren’t content with having access to race replays, race cards, and race results to accomplish your handicapping, consider an online horse betting site like Bovada instead. Here you can get access to the tracks in Hong Kong and other exotic locations as well as handicapping tools and video streams.

Bovada has long been a choice for the readers of EZ Horse Betting along with BUSR and a few others. When we choose an online horse betting site for use with Hong Kong and Singapore tracks we do so according to some specific guidelines. Here are things that you might want to consider from apps for horse racing betting.

An all-in-one horse betting site app is one that will give you access to race replays and results as well as video feeds of the live races that are in progress. You will be able to access most of these features with a phone or a tablet as well as a computer.

Unlike HorseWinner, your preferred app should allow for betting on all of the horse racing circuits that you want to follow. This includes the international tracks in Hong Kong and Singapore as well as tracks on the US and European circuits.

Good apps will be linked to the betting pools which are found on the track. When you make your wagers you will be sharing in the same pools that bettors use at the track. This means having access to special pools and bets that are offered on the biggest days of horse racing.

Is Horse Winner a Good App for Horse Racing Betting?

It really depends on what you are looking for in a horse racing app. If you only want a way to access results without having to open up a full online horse betting site, Horse Winner might fit the bill. If the betting site that you have chosen lacks video streams and replays, maybe Horse Winner can help.

Overall we tend to think that there are better choices for the active Hong Kong horse bettor. At the end of the day it is much more convenient to have all of the tools that you need available in a single platform. Check our Bovada racebook review, or AmWager review & 5Dimes review for folks anywhere! You can also read other reviews such as Twinspires reviewBetamerica review.


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