When most people start betting horses they are hoping to win a few dollars. Some of them just want to have a little fun. Bill Benter was never satisfied with such low expectations. Betting horses for profit compelled Benter to drop out of college and earn a living at the race track. He ultimately made more than one billion dollars betting on horse racing in Hong Kong. Here’s a little more about Bill Benter’s amazing journey.

From Blackjack to Betting Horses for Profit

Bill Benter’s path to the race track took a few interesting twists and turns. Benter’s interest in gambling began with blackjack, not horse racing. He was just a physics major in college when he ready the book Beat the Dealer by Edwin O. Thorp. The book changed the way professional players attacked blackjack by introducing card counting. It also inspired Bill Benter to take up betting horses for profit.


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Benter moved to Las Vegas to try his hand at making a living with blackjack. In just a year’s time Benter was making $80,000 per year beating blackjack. This was in 1979, and $80,000 was a lot of money. Still, it wasn’t good enough for Benter. He decided that there must be a similar way to warn a living from betting on horses. The college dropout set to work designing a computer program that could identify which horses were the most likely to win.

The initial results from the computer program were enough to attract the attention of another bettor that Bill Benter knew. Together, the two of them decided that they would try out their system in Hong Kong. To this day Hong Kong is known for large wagering pools. The partners thought that there would be more money available in the Hong Kong betting pools than there would be in America. As things turned out, they were right.

And so began the journey of Bill Benter, a man who made more than a billion dollars betting horses for profit. Benter made so much money that he once chose not to cash in a ticket worth $13 million dollars. After making his fortune in horse racing betting, Bill Benter chose to retire and become a philanthropist in Pittsburgh. He also owns a medical transcription company.

We share the story of Bill Benter to encourage you in your own pursuit of horse racing betting success. What we also want to do is take a closer look at some of the things that may have given Benter an edge. The best way to achieve success can often be to model the actions of others. Here are some insights into Benter’s method.

Why You Should Be Betting Horses for Profit Online

One thing that stands out when you look at the story of Bill Benter is his choice of a betting market. One also has to look at the kind of bets he was making. Many we exotic wagers of a every specific type. When Benter was making his money he had to be in close proximity to the race track so that his bets could be called in or made on the track. The bettor of today has a much easier time of horse racing betting.

Online racebooks have truly changed the way that people watch and wager on horse racing. These betting venues allow you to carry around an entire racebook in your pocket on a mobile device. With an online racebook account you can be betting horses for profit in the US, UK, Australia, Japan, and many other locations. The more betting opportunities that you have, the more likely that you are to win.

Benter and his team took up residence in Hong Kong for horse racing betting because they had no other choice. All that they needed was right there, but at the time it was not possible to bet horse racing online. All that the team could do was call in their bets to a phone betting system that was set up by the track. Even Benter knew that betting horses for profit was going to require a dependence on technology.

When you choose to bet horse racing online you are going to receive numerous benefits. For starters, you will be given free handicapping tools that are expensive if purchased elsewhere. This includes past performances, race replays, and more. You can also qualify for bonus money, sometimes by simply registering your account with the online racebook.

Another perk is that you can choose to bet horse racing on any circuit that you choose. You can watch and wager on horse racing in New York, California, or Florida. You can bet the big races in Australia and Japan without ever leaving home.

Can You Win a Billion Dollars Betting Horses for Profit?

We cannot say that you are going to be able to have the same amount of success that Bill Benter had betting horses for profit in Hong Kong. The case of Bill Benter is certainly an unusual one. He may be the biggest winner that has ever bet on horse racing.

Even though you may not have the same type of success that was had by Bill Benter, you could possibly do well enough to make a living betting horses. You probably don’t need a billion dollars to live, and to live well. Remember, at the beginning Bill Benter was making $80,000 per year playing blackjack. That sum might still be a very good living for you to make today.

We encourage you to have reasonable expectations about betting race horses online. Strive to have fun first, but do not be hesitant to swing for the fences when you believe you have an edge over other handicappers. Check our Bovada racebook review, Twinspires review or even our Betamerica review. All great choice if you are in the US. 5Dimes review for folks anywhere!

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