What if there was a way to win at EZ Horse Betting without handicapping? Many horse racing bettors rely on what is known as a tip service like Betting Gods. For a reasonable fee Betting Gods delivers horse race selections that you can use at your favorite online racebook. The service does all the work and you reap all the benefits.

The question you must answer is whether Betting Gods Tipsters is a good deal for you. The answer will depend upon how often you bet and how much you bet. To help you decide if this horse racing tip service is worth the money we have prepared a Betting Gods review. This review will explain how the service works and what you can expect in return for your money.

What is Betting Gods?

Imagine if you had access to experts in many areas of sports betting. You could ask these experts to give you their selections for horse racing, football, boxing, and many other sports. You would then be able to use an online racebook to play the tips you have received and possibly win real money.

This is essentially what Betting Gods offers. It is a service that unites many of the top sports handicappers in one single location. These handicappers provide their betting selections for a fee. You can choose one sport or many. We’re going to focus on horse racing since that is what our readers love to play.

Betting Gods offers service for as little as $1 for the first 30 days. There is a similar offer for bettors residing in the UK. About 100,000 bettors have chosen to use the tip service on a daily basis. These bettors log into their account, preview the available selections, and choose which tips they would like to receive.

The Betting Gods platform also offers some useful tools like blog posts about various sports and betting angles. The best tool, however, is a comparison chart. This chart lets you compare the winning percentages of all the tipsters on the site. You can quickly identify which tipsters excel at horse racing. You can also determine the winning rate of each handicapper. This rate takes into account every tip that the handicapper has released. A winning tip increases their percentage, while a losing one makes it drop.


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Darren Moore is the founder of Betting Gods. Moore has been actively involved in the online sports betting industry for many years and has a solid reputation.

Is Betting Gods Legit?

A big question about tips services involves their legitimacy. Are they a scam? Sadly, there are many scam tip services out there. They usually work like this. They will provide you with a winning selection for free that anyone could have chosen. You will then think that the tipster knows his stuff and pay for more tips. It will soon become apparent that the tipster knows little more than you do about online sports betting.

If these tipsters are so good, why are they selling this inside information? Why not just make the bet themselves and collect the money? There is actually a good answer for these questions. A betting tipster is often placing bets “under the table” with a bookie to avoid tax reporting. Selling tips is a way to legitimize their  betting business. They can claim the income from their tip service, and they can also use their documented win/loss percentage to claim gambling losses on a tax return.

Betting Gods appears to be on the level. The tipsters who work for the service have a strong track record in the business. They also have pretty strong win percentages. Overall, we find that the handicappers at Betting Gods are the real deal.

How Much Can You Expect to Win at Betting Gods?

The amount that a bettor can expect to win at an online racebook when using Betting Gods depends upon several factors. First, however, you should understand that this service is not itself a betting venue. This means that you will need to have an online racebook account before you can benefit from the service.

If you don’t have an account yet, we recommend a few online racebooks that you might want to consider. These horse race betting sites have been checked by us and given our highest ratings. It only takes a few minutes to create your account and begin making bets. Some of these racebooks accept Bitcoin as a deposit method, and many are legal for players in the US. You can even get a welcome bonus for making your first deposit. Now, it is time to explore some horse betting sites so do check our Bovada racebook review, Twinspires review or even our Betamerica review. All great choice if you are in the US. 5Dimes review for folks anywhere!

Winning with Betting Gods is determined by how often you make bets and how much you bet. It is always best to evaluate the effectiveness of a tip service in terms of ROI, or return on investment. At the time of this review, the horse racing tipster at the UK Betting Gods site is consistently producing a 25% ROI for a net profit of about £129.85 per month. In terms of US dollars, you could expect to win about $125 for every $100 that you invest in tips.

In the US, the horse racing tipsters are averaging an amazing ROI of 42% with an average monthly return of $574. This is an amazing strike rate, and far better than what you would achieve by betting favorites. The handicappers provide advice for a large number of US tracks, and they typically recommend horses that are offered at odds of 5-1 or better.

There are some sports betting tipsters on the website that have an amazing 57% ROI. Of course, the ROI can fluctuate with the win/loss percentage of the tipster. An average of 25% is considered good, and many professional handicappers do not exceed this number on a regular basis.

You can also sometimes increase the ROI by only playing larger bets on picks that are offered at higher odds. For example, you might want to restrict your bets to tips that only involve horses which are priced at 5-1. This is a personal choice. The ROI that you see on the Betting Gods website represents what would happen if you played all of the picks given out in a single month.

How Much Will You Pay for Betting Gods Tips?

Betting Gods is one of the few tip services that lets bettors get started for a trial fee. You can sample the service for just £1 or $1. This will get you a full 30 days of service. In that length of time you should be able to decide whether or not the tip service is right for you. Once your trial period is over you will then be able to select an individual handicapper and buy their picks directly.

The horse racing tipster at Betting Gods charges between £20 and £60 or $60 to $120 each month depending on the amount of picks that you would like to receive. You should remember that the tip service is only valuable if you are making enough bets during the month to cover the cost of your subscription plan. In other words, you should be betting these plays every day of the month in order to guarantee the largest profit.

There are no hidden fees at Betting Gods, although some tipsters may offer special plays in addition to the monthly subscription package. These special plays are sold separately, and they usually cover big days on horse racing.

How Does Betting Gods Work?

You will begin by creating an account  with the Betting Gods service and choosing the 30-day trial. Once your initial fee has been paid you will have access to the tips released by the handicappers on the site. Once you have an account go to the betting gods login page to get started.

The horse racing handicapper provides tips each day for races that are scheduled to take place the next day. You can choose the UK version of Betting Gods for tips on UK tracks, or you can select Betting Gods US for tips on American tracks.

Both tipsters release their picks between 6:00 P.M and 8:00 P.M. local time. You will log into your Betting Gods account during the evening hours to see which picks have been released. You will then take those selections to your online racebook and make the appropriate bets. Really, nothing could be simpler than using a betting service.

Remember, you do not make bets or collect winnings at Betting Gods. This is only the place that you receive tips. Your betting transactions will only take place at the online racebook of your choice.

Our Opinion of Betting Gods

EZ Horse Betting prides itself on giving you the information you need to be a great handicapper, but we understand that some bettors just want to make bets. This is a great service for those who don’t want to put in the handicapping work that can take hours to complete.

We like that new tipsters at Betting Gods are thoroughly vetted before they are accepted by the platform. A handicapper must demonstrate consistency over a four month period in order to offer their tips to the betting public.

There are two versions of the service available, one for US bettors and one for punters in the UK. Both of them feature handicappers that exceed the win percentages of many official track handicappers.

We recommend Betting Gods as one of the best horse racing tip services available today. The ROI you will receive increases the chance that you will make a healthy profit during the month.


  • Affordable 30-day trial
  • Most betting selections are offered at 5-1 or better
  • Picks released daily
  • 25% average ROI on horse racing bets


  • Some days may only include one betting selection
  • Picks are not available for every track, every day – the handicapper chooses the best plays

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