There are some horse racing bets that are a lot like winning the lottery. The pentafecta or Super High Five is one of these wagers. This multi-horse bet requires the bettor to pick the first five finishers of a race in perfect order. It might be easy for some people to pick a winner of a horse race, but imagine picking the horses that finish first through fifth. What is the pentafecta or Super High Five in horse racing? It is a difficult bet that can pay off in huge winnings.

About the Pentafecta in Horse Racing Betting

The pentafecta is similar to the superfecta, with an added layer of difficulty. In the superfecta the horse bettor must choose the first four finishers in a race. The pentafecta, as indicated by its name, requires the bettor to choose the first five finishers. These horses must be chosen in perfect order. The bettor does not only need to know which horses will finish it the top five. It is also required to know where the individual horses will finish.


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In a race with ten horses, picking the top five in perfect order can be almost as difficult as picking the lottery. There are thousands of possible winning combinations. Even the very best handicappers need more than skill to win this horse racing bet. They also need just a little bit of luck. But, with great difficulty come the largest rewards. The pentafecta can often pay out five figures to those lucky enough to master it.

The Pentafecta Betting Pool

The pentafecta is an exotic wager. This means that it has its own separate betting pool. The money that is wagered into this betting pool is kept separate from other money that is wagered on a race. The pool on the track is also tied into the online racebooks. All money wagered by online bettors also goes into this large betting pool.

Those who correctly pick the five horses of the pentafecta are entitled to a share of the betting pool. All who have winning tickets share equally in the pool. Those who miss just one horse in the sequence lose the bet.

Sometimes it is possible for a bettor to scoop the whole pentafecta pool. This means that the player was the only one to correctly pick the five horses. The minimum wager for a pentafecta at most race tracks is $0.10. The base wager is $2.00. This means that all payouts are calculated based on a $2 wager.

Why Play a Pentafecta or Super High Five?

The best bets to make in horse racing are those which give the bettor a chance to win a lot of money when betting a very small amount. This is a concept known as value, and it is the key principle for those professional horse racing bettors who consistently win at the race track.

When you bet on the pentafecta or Super High Five you can spend as little as $0.10. This is not generally recommended, though. Most bettors like to use a horse racing betting strategy in which they use more than five horses. The cost of the bet can rise quickly when more than five horses are used.

The potential reward for winning a pentafecta bet can be more than $10,000. The odds of the horses used in the pentafecta generally affect the overall payout. Longshot horses that are included in the top five finishers can make the payout of the bet skyrocket. If the favorites finish in the top spots then the payout of the bet will be lower.

Strategies for Winning the Pentafecta Horse Racing Bet

Just like any other horse racing bet, the pentafecta requires a strategy for winning. Before we look at the common thoughts on how to bet, we should mention that there is a quick pick option offered by most online racebooks when it comes to the superfecta and pentafecta.

A player can choose to have their picks made for them by the race track betting system. Is this a good way to play the bet? It depends. It might be a good choice for the player who regards horse racing betting like the lottery. If one chooses to play the bet like a lottery ticket, one can expect to have a chance at winning that is also similar to winning the lottery.

The first step to having a winning pentafecta strategy is to commit oneself to the process of handicapping the races. Handicapping is the process of studying past performances and other information to arrive at a winning selection. Handicappers consider things like speed, pace, form, and class when they are picking horse racing winners.

Handicapping is only a part of a winning strategy, though. If the technical process of picking winners were easy, everyone would be doing it. The player must also know how to bet interpret the information they have, and they also have to know how to properly manage their money.

As mentioned, most players who like to play the pentafecta bet on a regular basis are players who like to spread their bet. This means that they will use more than five horses to play the bet. They may even use a type of bet which is known as a box. A box can be much more expensive than a straight wager, though, requiring even more money management.

Should You Play the Pentafecta at an Online Racebook?

We think that playing the Super High Five or pentafecta horse racing bet is best done at an online racebook. There are many reasons for this.

For many people, playing at an online racebook is more convenient. There is no need to leave home and travel to a live race track. Online racebooks can be accessed with a computer, phone, or tablet. It is also true that online racebooks provide access to a greater number of tracks for betting. With one online racebook account the player can place bets at tracks all around the world.

Are you ready to try the excitement of betting the pentafecta or Super High Five. You can do that right now when you sign up with one of our recommended online horse betting sites. You may even be able to qualify for a bonus when you make your first deposit. Check our Bovada racebook review, Twinspires review or even our Betamerica review. All great choice if you are in the US. 5Dimes review for folks anywhere!


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