Superfecta Record for 2021 Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby returned to its traditional first Saturday in May in 2021. The crowds and betting pools were much larger than those in 2020 when the attendance and date of the race were affected by the Covid-19 global health pandemic. The enthusiastic betting was on full display in the main event when the Super High Five $2 wager paid out $593,539.20. Here’s a look at how someone left the Kentucky Derby more than one-half million dollars richer.

What is the Kentucky Derby 2021 Super High Five?

The Super High Five wager is similar to a superfecta. It is newer than the superfecta, having been introduced at many tracks over the last 20 years. The degree of difficulty is taken up a notch in this multi-horse wager.

To collect winnings on the Super High Five, a player needs to correctly select the first five finishers in a race in correct order. In a superfecta it is necessary to select the top four finishers. The addition of just one more horse to the mix adds an exponential level of mastery. Some handicappers feel that winning the bet is akin to winning the lottery.

Players can play the bet at their favorite online racebook. They can also find it at one of the racebooks that we recommend. It is generally a bet that returns a large sum, but on days like the Kentucky Derby the amount that is bet into the pool can be huge. At the 2021 Kentucky Derby more than $800,000 was wagered on the Super High Five.

The base wager of the Super High Five is $2. Some race tracks and online racebooks offer the bet for less. It may be possible to play the Super High Five for as low as $0.10 in some cases. The payout goes way down when the cost of the bet is reduced. It would typically pay just 5% of the payout for the $2 bet.

This has led some bettors to complain about the wager. Some feel that it is unfair to make it possible for players to make the bet so cheaply.

Why Did the Super High Five Pay So Much at the 2021 Kentucky Derby?

In order for any bet at the horse racing track to produce a massive payout, several things have to happen. First and foremost there must be a large sum of money bet into the wagering pool. In horse racing bettors compete with themselves by betting with pools. The horse racing track takes a sum out of each pool as its share.

On regular racing days, the pools at a track may not get that large. This is true even at famous horse racing tracks like Churchill Downs. For a Super High Five payout like the one at the 2021 Kentucky Derby to occur, there must be a lot of live attendance and online interest in the race.

The handle, or amount of money that was wagered in 2021 on Derby Day at Churchill Downs, was much larger than it was in 2020. There was a larger crowd, and players also returned to betting online.

Another factor that has to happen for a Super High Five to get so large is the presence of longshot winners. The 2021 Derby was won by Medina Spirit at odds of just over 12-1. The favorite in the race, Essential Quality, did not even crack the top three. The second and third-place finishers were also offered at substantial odds.

As you can see, the stars must align just right for someone to receive the life-changing payout that the Super High Five can provide.

Playing the Super High Five at the 2022 Kentucky Derby

Your chance to win a half-million at the Kentucky Derby may be gone for this year, but there is always the 2022 running of the event. You don’t even have to visit the track in Kentucky to have your chance to win. Just bet right from the comfort of home with one of our recommended online horse betting sites.

Our suggestion is to think outside of the box. Favorites at the Kentucky Derby can be very vulnerable. You need to look for longshot runners that have the ability to beat the favorite. Remember, the base wager of the Super High Five bet is $2. You can play a single ticket and load it up with longshots if you want a chance to win the big bucks.

We will tell you that many players who have success in this bet choose to spread out. This means that they make multiple tickets using multiple selections. Of course, this means that you will be making a much larger investment in the bet. You could spend $100 and still argue that the bet is justified in terms of risk versus reward. We say swing for the fences if you are going to play.

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