How to win at horse racing in GTA 5?

The Grand Theft Auto video game franchise is very popular, with millions of people around the world playing each new version of the game. Fans of horse racing betting might be surprised to discover that GTA 5 includes a virtual horse racing mini game. In this article we will show you how to win at horse racing in GTA 5.

About Grand Theft Auto 5

GTA 5 is the fifth installment in the popular Grand Theft Auto video game franchise. It is widely regarded as one of the better versions of the game, and GTA 5 produced massive sales for its developer Rockstar Games.

The characters in the game navigate a fictional state based on California known as San Andreas. The story line of the game follows three ex-cons and gangsters. The three characters attempt to pull off heists in San Andreas while evading the police and other criminal figures. At the heart of the game, of course, is auto theft. As such, the game involves a lot of driving and a strong vehicle element.

Grand Theft Auto 5 can be played in multiple ways. It can be played on a gaming console like the PlayStation or Xbox, or the game can be played on a computer. It is also possible to play a live multi-player version of the game where players compete against one another in real time.

The GTA 5 Casino and Horse Racing Betting

One of the more interesting elements of the GTA 5 game was the inclusion of the Diamond Casino and Resort area of the game. Players who chose the online version of the game could visit this virtual casino to rack up virtual money that could be used in the game. Many different types of casino games were found in the GTA 5 casino.

One of these was a virtual horse racing game. It was called Inside Track, and the action was very similar to real horse races. In the game, a group of horses would compete. Players were able to make bets on which horse they believed would win a race. Races were conducted often, and those who succeeded at the game would soon find that their character had vast amounts of cash to spend.

As it so often happens in video games, an exploit or a flaw was soon discovered in the Inside Track GTA 5 mini game. Players who discovered this flaw were able to use it to win a horse race in GTA 5 as often as they wished.

The Inside Track GTA 5 Horse Race Hack

GTA5 HorsesThe GTA 5 horse racing glitch was not very sophisticated as far as video game errors go. It basically allowed players to maximize their profit on a given bet while risking the minimum amount of cash. Players would be required to enter specific keystrokes or complete other actions to make the glitch work.

It did indeed work. In the beginning, some players were able to rack up thousands of dollars into their GTA 5 accounts. Unfortunately, this situation did not last. The developers of GTA 5 soon realized that the glitch would have to be dealt with. It’s security team developed a patch for the game that was released on August 7, 2019. As of that fix, the ability to win a horse race in GTA 5 with button presses was removed.

Using Horse Racing in Video Games

GTA 5 is one of the few mainstream video game franchises that has chosen to introduce horse racing as a part of its game play. Based on the response, it may not be long before other video game makers follow suit.

Other types of casino gambling have been used in video games like Watch Dogs. Players can play a game of blackjack in others. These mini games are a pleasing distraction from the normal game play, and they also include the appeal of winning money.

Of course, there are actual horse racing video games on the market if you just want a game that is all about horse racing betting. Some of these games will allow you to experience the entire process, from buying a horse at auction to preparing it for the races.

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