Horse Racing Entries

Getting a horse to the races is a complex process that involves many people. Horses are not taken from a pasture or paddock and sent to the races. Instead they must undergo training and be prepared for competition. After this, agents or trainers submit to the process of horse racing entries. This is how races are filled. At EZhorsebetting, we […] Continue Reading

Trends in Horse Racing Betting for 2022

Horse racing betting is a type of gambling that brings new trends with each year. What may have worked last year for handicappers could become obsolete. To win consistently you need to know the top 5 trends for horse racing betting in 2022. 1 โ€“ Beware Trainers With Medication Issues The sad tale of Bob Baffert and Medina Spirit have […] Continue Reading

How to win at horse racing in GTA 5?

The Grand Theft Auto video game franchise is very popular, with millions of people around the world playing each new version of the game. Fans of horse racing betting might be surprised to discover that GTA 5 includes a virtual horse racing mini game. In this article we will show you how to win at horse racing in GTA 5. […] Continue Reading

The Kentucky Horse Park

Fans of thoroughbred horse racing should consider making a trip to Kentucky for many reasons. There is Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby. There is also Keeneland, one of the most historic tracks in the country. Another attraction that often gets overlooked is the Kentucky Horse Park. The Kentucky Horse Park is a celebration of the sport of racing. […] Continue Reading

Betting on Kentucky-Bred Horses

The state in which a horse is bred can have an impact on its racing ability. That is the opinion of many professional handicappers. Most people who bet horse racing for profit would likely agree that horses bred in Kentucky have an advantage against horses bred in other states. They would also agree that this can sometimes create opportunities for […] Continue Reading

Do Race Horses Get Treated Well

There is much concern recently over the welfare of professional race horses. It has always been true that some organizations want to prohibit horse racing because they think thoroughbreds are treated poorly. Do race horses get treated well? We’re going to try and answer question. Animal Welfare and Horse Racing There are many organizations such as PETA, the People for […] Continue Reading

Vino Rosso Claims Victory In Tragic Breeders’ Cup Classic

Vino Rosso etched a notch in history with a win in the 2019 Breeders’ Cup Classic. Sadly, the race will not likely be remembered for Vino Rosso’s victory. Tragedy once more reared its head at Santa Anita as the track claimed the life of another horse, bringing the total number of horse deaths to an astounding 37 since December 2018. […] Continue Reading

Gambling Companies Get Taken To The Cleaners By A Loophole

Imagine if you had a way of beating the sports betting bookies that was foolproof. According to a recent story by the BBC, a couple of British gamblers found exactly such a method. The two bettors discovered a way to take advantage of live betting in tennis matches. The crazy thing about this method is that it is very similar […] Continue Reading

Which Was The Fastest Horse Ever?

One of the great debates in all of horse racing is which horse was the fastest of all time. Believe it or not the question is not as easy to answer as you might think it is. It is a subjective question that many horse racing fans believe contains a lot of variables. EZ Horse Betting is going to try […] Continue Reading

French Jockey Savaged By Rival Horse During Race

Let it never be said that horse racing is not a physical, brutal sport. The men and women who ride race horses for a living are accustomed to putting their lives on the line and facing danger when they ride. Most of them just never expect that the danger will come the mouth of another horse on the track. One […] Continue Reading

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