Trends in Horse Racing Betting for 2022

Horse racing betting is a type of gambling that brings new trends with each year. What may have worked last year for handicappers could become obsolete. To win consistently you need to know the top 5 trends for horse racing betting in 2022.

1 โ€“ Beware Trainers With Medication Issues

The sad tale of Bob Baffert and Medina Spirit have taught us many things about the sport of horse racing. One of these is that the bettor is smart to avoid situations that may cause a problem. Trainers with a history of using illegal medications could be sending unsound horses to the track.


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In the case of Medina Spirit, bettors were paid before the horse was ultimately disqualified from its win in the Kentucky Derby. It is what happened months later that bears consideration. Medina Spirit collapsed and died after a workout at Santa Anita. Some horses that have been given certain medications have died during races.

The truth is that the use of illegal medications in horse racing is a problem that needs to be addressed. Until that happens, be wary that your bet on the trainers and horses that use such medications could be at risk.

2 โ€“ More Horse Racing Betting Online

The landscape of online betting is changing, especially in the United States. Online horse racing betting has been legal in many states for a while now, but more states are now embracing online sports betting. This has encouraged the addition of online racebooks in new areas.

In truth, horse racing needs online horse betting. The industry has been in decline now for some time, and new bettors are needed. The Covid-19 pandemic only slowed things down further, and many fans of horse racing no longer get out to the live race track.

There are many advantages of betting horses online. You can get access to more tracks, some of them in locations that you might not have had the opportunity to visit. Hong Kong is a good example. This province has some of the most exciting horse racing action in the world. Before the advent of online racebooks, only a few US bettors had the opportunity to enjoy it.

3 โ€“ Big Betting on Big Days in Horse Racing

We are living in the era of the horse racing supercard. The Dubai World Cup, Pegasus World Cup, and now the Saudi Cup rival the Breeders’ Cup World Championships as the biggest days in horse racing. Millions are given away in a single race. Some single races offer a chance at more winnings than the Triple Crown races combined.

These big purses are great for the horsemen, but what do they mean for bettors? The size of these events means that more money is being bet into the pools. Larger pools means bigger payoffs for the bettor. Some events even offer special bets on the big days. There are bettors who have won six-figure payoffs when playing these bets.

Look at the second trend we mentioned. To enjoy these big days in horse racing you don’t even need to leave the comfort of home. Just sign up with an online racebook and you will have access.

4 โ€“ Betting Horses With Bitcoin

It has become increasingly popular for individuals to bet online with Bitcoin. This is sure to be one of the top trends for horse racing betting in 2022. A number of online racebooks are now giving bettors the opportunity to bet with cryptocurrency.

What is cryptocurrency? It is a type of digital money that offers users more flexibility and security. It can even replace traditional banking. Best of all, Bitcoin can be used across borders without the need to make expensive currency transfers.

If you choose to use Bitcoin to make some of your horse racing bets, be advised that cryptocurrencies can be a volatile asset. You should spend some time learning about them before you use them for betting or other purposes.

5 โ€“ Horse Racing and Other Sports Joined for Betting

There are some online sportsbooks that are now combining horse racing wagers with other types of sports bets. In other words, you might be able to make a parlay using a horse racing wager and a bet on a professional basketball game. These types of novelty bets are becoming more and more popular among bettors.

Making these kinds of bets will mean that you need knowledge that goes beyond horse racing, of course. If you are the kind of bettor that likes to regularly wager on football, basketball, or more, this kind of betting could be for you.

To take advantage of the top horse racing betting trends for 2022, be sure to sign up with one of our recommended online horse betting sitesย today. You could even get a free money bonus to pad your horse betting bankroll.ย  Check our Bovada racebook review, Twinspires review or even our Betamerica review. All great choice if you are in the US. 5Dimes review for folks anywhere!ย 


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