The Dubai World Cup Racing Carnival

There are few events in horse racing which can match the Dubai World Cup Racing Carnival. Held each year in Dubai from January through March, the carnival includes the running of the Dubai World Cup. This event is one of the richest races in horse racing and draws competitors from all over the world. It has been won by horses like Cigar, Silver Charm, Curlin, California Chrome, and Arrogate. The races are attended by celebrities and fans of the sport of horse racing and are held at Meydan Racecourse.

The Dream of Sheikh Mohammad

Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, has a lifelong love of horses and racing. In 1996, Sheikh Mohammad decided to create an event which would celebrate horse racing and also reward the best horses in the world with the largest purses. He established the Dubai World Cup Racing Carnival which is an extended event that is capped by the running of the Dubai World Cup.

The races are held at one of the most beautiful venues in the world today, the Meydan Racecourse in Dubai. This racetrack is elegant and boasts many impressive amenities. It also has a long straightaway so that sprint races may be contested without a turn.

All in all there are ten race meetings held during the carnival. The most impressive of these is the World Cup itself which consists of nine races. Eight of these are for thoroughbreds and one of them is for purebred Arabian horses. The premier race is always held on the last Saturday in March. It is conducted at night in Dubai so that it can be seen in the morning hours in America.

The World’s Richest Horse Race

For many years the Dubai World Cup was the richest horse race in the world. Beginning in 2010, the race carried a purse of $10 million US dollars. This amount was eclipsed by the inaugural running of the Pegasus World Cup in 2017, but Sheikh Mohammad has vowed that he will once again make his race the richest. His own horses frequently compete in the race under the banner of the Godolphin Racing Stable.

Many famous celebrities have performed at the Dubai World Cup. These include Toni Braxton, Janet Jackson, and Sea. In 2017, Sia performed at the event. The event is very comparable to the Kentucky Derby in America because it has become famous in its own right.

The best horses the world has ever seen are typically entered in the race. This is one of the reasons why the race has never been won twice by the same horse. Most horses try the race when they are four years old. The race can also sometimes include horses that have exited the Triple Crown series the year before. One of the most popular of these in recent years is California Chrome. The horse won the race and set a track record in 2016.

Jerry Bailey is the jockey with the most success in the race. Bailey managed to capture the race four times in his career. Perhaps his most significant win was aboard the legendary Cigar in the first ever running of the race in 1996. The trainer with the most victories in the race is Saeed bin Suroor. He has captured the race for the Godolphin Stable an amazing seven times.

Other Races in Dubai

Of course, the Dubai World Cup is only the marquee event of the racing carnival. There are other races which are also contested for a large purse and attract top trainers, jockeys, and horses.

The Dubai Kahayla Classic is the among the richest stakes races for purebred Arabian horses. It carries a purse of $250,000.Β  Arabian horse races are not often found these days in America. This is strange when you consider that the thoroughbred race horse is descended from Arabian horses. This race in Dubai honors the history of thoroughbred racing.

The Al Quoz Sprint is a thoroughbred race designed for horses that like to run short and fast. A unique thing about this race is that it is run at a distance of 5 furlongs on a straight track. In America, the distance of 5 furlongs is a popular one but it always involves at least one turn. By making the race straight in Dubai, the horses in it really have a chance to show off their impressive speed.

The race which is second in importance to the Dubai World Cup is perhaps the Godolphin Mile. This race is for one mile specialist. These horses are some of the most exciting in horse racing and put on quite a show. Just two horses have won the race more than once during its running. As one might expect, the Godolphin Stable does very well in this race which is named for one of the three original thoroughbred sires. It has won the race seven times.

The Dubai Gold Cup is an interesting race in that it is run at a distance of almost two miles. Again, in the United States it is very rare to find a race which is contested at this distance. Unfortunately, the initial running of the race ended in tragedy when Fox Hunt sustained a fatal injury. This type of accident always prompts some to question whether it is wise to run horses at a marathon distance.

Betting the Dubai Racing Carnival Online

One of the best things about the Dubai Cup Racing Carnival is that fans of EZ Horse Betting can watch all of the races at an online racebook. The racebook we recommend also offers a full betting menu for the races. Not everyone can get a chance to attend the races live in Dubai, but all can watch and wager from a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

It is very convenient to play the races in Dubai from the United States because they occur in the morning hours. You can also watch live broadcasts of the races on horse racing networks like TVG and HRTV. Many online racebooks will also offer special bonuses during the time of this racing carnival, so it pays to check and see what promotions are available.

Another thing that makes playing these races online from America is that there is no currency conversion. All of the payouts you see listed on your racebook platform are in US dollars. You will also get the same odds on your horses that you will receive at the racetrack.Β  Signing up for your own racebook account takes just a few minutes.

When you bet the Dubai World Cup Racing Carnival at an online racebook, remember that you should try to focus on exotic bets like the Pick Six rather than straight win or loss wagers. You have a better chance to make a life changing sum of money when you take advantage of the exotic betting menus. Check our Bovada racebook review, Twinspires review or even our Betamerica review. All great choice if you are in the US. 5Dimes review for folks anywhere!



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