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Horse gambling is a different kind of betting game. It requires both luck and skill for bettors to succeed. It is a gambling activity where the bettor should be willing to do homework or go broke. No one succeeds at horse gambling without paying the price.

You can bet on horses at a live racetrack, or you can bet on horses online. Most of our readers think that it is more convenient to bet online. You don’t even have to leave home to access race tracks all over the world. Before you do, here are some myths and truths about horse gambling.

Myth – Horse Gambling is Fixed

There was a time in horse racing when this may have been true. In fact, the Mafia may have sought to control horse racing for a time. The early days of horse racing would have made race fixing much more possible. There was not as much scrutiny on the people involved as there is today. Jockeys could sometimes be convinced to pull a horse, allowing a less-talented runner to win.

Truth – Everyone Wants to Win

Today, it is much harder to make money in horse racing. This means that everyone involved wants to win. No one wants to lose at horse racing because they have to make money to survive. Jockeys that finish worse than first, second, or third sometimes make as little as $50 for their efforts. That is not enough money to risk life and limb. Trainers make a day rate, but many of them rely on bonuses from winning races to make large sums of cash.


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Myth – Race Horses Are High Strung

It is assumed by many people who follow horse racing that race horses are high strung. They have heard stories of horses like John Henry who were renowned for their bad behavior. This is true of some horses in the horse gambling industry. An unruly horse can strike fear into the hearts of its handlers. Thankfully, the majority of horses are not this way.

Truth – The Calmest Horses Win More Often

When horses are calm they tend to perform better on the track. Horses that are nervous and unruly can sometimes develop medical problems like ulcers. It is the calm horses that go on to have the most successful careers. They may be fractious at times, but when they step on the track they are all business and ready to go to work.

Myth – Any Horse Can Race

Do you have a nice horse in your pasture that has a tendency to kick up its heels and run fast? Maybe you have watched it run across the pasture and thought that it would make a good race horse. This is almost never the case. It is also true that horses have to satisfy specific requirements in terms of breeding before they are allowed to compete. You cannot just take a horse from the pasture and thrust them into the spotlight of horse gambling.

Truth – Only Thoroughbreds Race at Most Race Tracks

Most horse races conducted today are contested among thoroughbreds. Every thoroughbred in existence can trace its lineage to one of three original stallions. These were the Byerley Turk, the Godolphin Arabian, and the Darley Arabian. From these three stallions the thoroughbred line was founded. When you touch a thoroughbred race horse you are literally placing your hands on history.

Myth – Winning Horse Races is Easy

If this were true, everyone would buy themselves a race horse and run it. An amazingly high percentage of horses bred each year in the United States never even make it to the race track. Before a horse wins its first race it has to survive two years of training. Horse are fragile creatures. Getting a horse to the track is just part of the equation. The horse then has to demonstrate talent and the ability to beat the competition.

Truth – The Best Horsemen Can Win Less Than 20%

In horse racing statistics are a big deal. Everyone keeps track of them. As a handicapper you will notice that a very good horseman sometimes only wins 20% of his or her races. That should reveal how tough the game is. There are a lot of horse trainers and owners that run a lot of horses. They may only win one out of every 15 races they start. Along the way they may pick up a few seconds and thirds. It’s a long game that takes patience.

Myth – I Can Get Rich Owning Horses

Are you someone that dreams of owing a professional race horse? We would not try to step on anyone’s dreams, but it is far more likely you will lose money as a horse owner before you are able to get rich. Horses eat. They need medical care. They have to be housed. All of this expense continues whether they win or not. The sad reality is that just a few horses pay their way.

Truth – It’s Doubtful, But You Might Get Rich Betting Them

There may be a way that you can make money with horses. That way is horse gambling. Instead of buying a horse, use an online horse betting sites to lease it for a few minutes. A lot of successful horse bettors wanted to be horse owners when they figured out that betting was more profitable. You could even win life changing money if you were to hit a Pick 6.   

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