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Have you tried to find free horse racing sites on the Internet? You’ve probably given up the difficult search. There aren’t too many betting sites for free horse racing. The best that you can hope to find are sites that are more like a free horse racing game. These can be entertaining, but they don’t give you an opportunity to win real money.

Free horse racing sites can be a fun way to pass the time. They may even be able to help you learn about betting. Here are 7 ways that you can use a site which allows free betting on horses.

1 – Learn the Game of Horse Racing

Any smart horse bettor will tell you that there is a learning curve to the sport of horse racing. You may be able to shorten that curve with free horse racing sites.


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The way many of these free sites work is the same as a real horse betting website. You can learn a lot about the entire process of wagering online without spending any of your real cash. Once you are comfortable with your progression as a bettor, you can switch to a real site.

Some of the things that you can expect to learn are how turf races compare with dirt, how rain affects racing surfaces, and the ability of horses to compete at different distances. All of this knowledge will make you a more proficient handicapper.

2 – Test Out Your Money Management Skills

Even the most intelligent horse racing bettors need good money management skills. You can use free horse racing sites to test out your own methods. You can also use these sites to perfect your own betting angles.

If you arrive ready to bet and armed with tools to be successful, your win rate will likely go up. Keep good records of all the free sessions that you play. In short order you will be able to see which racing methods are protecting your bankroll and producing a profit.

3 – Learn How to Watch Horse Racing

Did you know that there is a certain way to go about watching horse racing? It’s true. Those who watch races for the purposes of becoming a better handicapper know just what to look for.

Most of the websites that offer free horse betting use historical real racing footage for contests. Some of them use animated software. This is not as effective as the actual physical racing footage, so find a site that offer this before you sign up.

The proper way to watch horse racing is to take time to focus on the trips of specific race horses. Pay close attention to the winner and horses that finish near the back. What you are wanting to look for is any horses that may have had an easy trip, or horses that were troubled. You can then evaluate the performance of the horse in the context of the trip they had.

4 – Become Familiar With Horse Racing Terminology

At a free horse racing site you will come into contact with a lot of horse racing terms. You might want to keep a notebook of them. These terms are very useful when listening to other handicappers analyze races.

What is riding the rail? What is all-out or ridden out? What has happened to a horse that has clipped heels? These are all terminology that any serious handicapper should understand.

5 – Pass Time With Your Favorite Activity

Some people just like to watch and bet on horse racing. It is a leisure activity to them. You may be one of these people who craves action even when you do not have the bankroll to back it up. You may be able to satisfy your craving by watching and betting for free.

Granted, most bettors will reach a point when they are not happy any longer with this type of play. But if you are in a place where you don’t have legal access to horse betting, this can be a way to fill the gap.

6 – Explore Different Racing Styles

It can be quite fascinating to learn about the different horse racing styles of thoroughbreds. There are front runners, stalkers, and closers. Each of them runs in a specific way. You will learn to spot horses that may have difficulty getting their way in a race.

Pay attention to the speed as it breaks down over the course of a race. Which races are faster on the end? Which ones are faster in the beginning? How does this affect the overall outcome of horse races?

7 – Watch Historic Races

As we mentioned before, some free horse racing sites are using actual footage of historic races for the free betting they provide. You may even be able to spot some races which features legendary horses of days gone by.

Another feature of this type of racing is that the racing will tend to be very competitive. That is done so that the video races are much more difficult to handicap.

Why Real Money Horse Betting Sites Are Better

Make no mistake we are much more fond of horse racing betting online with real money. We can think of several pros to consider before you use a free site:

  • Win real money that can be cashed out to your account
  • Get free bonus cash and other promotions
  • Access free handicapping tools

If you are ready to try your hand at one of these real sites, check our recommendations for online horse betting sites! For online Horse betting sites, check our Bovada racebook review, Twinspires review or even our Betamerica review. All great choice if you are in the US. 5Dimes review for folks anywhere!


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