Hong Kong Horse Racing Bets

Many horse bettors are familiar with Hong Kong horse racing and the betting opportunities that it offers. There are large betting pools and millions of dollars bet on each race. To take advantage of betting racing in Hong Kong with an online racebook you need to be familiar with the types of bets that are offered. They differ somewhat from horse racing bets that are made in other parts of the world.

The Four Hong Kong Horse Race Bet Types

All race horse betting in Hong Kong is administered by the Hong Kong Jockey Club. The club defines four specific types of wagering pools that bettors can participate in. These are Simple Bets, Single-race Exotic Bets, Multi-race Exotic Bets, and All Up Bets. Here is a brief description of each betting type.

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Simple Bets are defined by the Hong Kong Jockey Club as bets to win, place, the quinella, and the quinella place. Of these four bets only the win and place wagers are found in places like the US and Australia. The quinella was once a popular bet in the US and abroad but it has since been replaced by the exacta box.

Single-race Exotic Bets include the trio and quartet. These bets are similar to the trifecta and the superfecta in the US. Multi-race Exotics are the double trio, triple trio, double, treble, six up, and jockey challenge. These bets are some of the most exciting to be found in Hong Kong horse racing. Most of them are unique to the Hong Kong racing circuit.

All Up bets are bets which include more than one race in Hong Kong. These types of wagers are similar to a parlay bet in the US. Even though the bets can be expensive to make, the potential return from these wagers is very large.

Now lets take a look at each type of Hong Kong horse race betting category in more detail.

Simple Bets Hong Kong Racing

One could say that the Simple Bets in Hong Kong are the easiest to make. They only require you to pick one or two horses to finish in a specific spot. You are given odds on each Simple Bet that you make, and winning the bet will compensate you with the appropriate payout. 1-1 odds means you will receive even money. 2-1 odds means you will double your original bet, and so on.

A win bet is a bet on one horse to win the race. To collect this bet the horse that you select must finish first. The horse must best all other horses in the field.

A place bet is a bet that the horse you have chosen will finish first or second. You will collect on the bet if the horse finishes in either of those spots. So, the horse that you have chosen to bet on does not have to win the race. It must only finish first or second. Place bets can be good investments if the horse that you have chosen has decent odds.

The quinella is a bet on two horses. You are betting that the two horses you have chosen will finish in first and second place. It does not matter which horse comes in first and which horse comes in second as long as they are both in the top two. The quinella place is a bet that requires you to pick two of the first three finishers in a race. Again, it does not matter which of the two horses finish in the first, second, or third spots.

Of all the bets that have been mentioned in this section, the quinella and quinella place bets are probably the least popular and profitable. Because the bets can be easier to win in many cases the payout can be very small. This is especially true if the horses that have been chosen are offered at very low odds.

Single-race Exotic Bets Hong Kong Racing

Single-race exotic bets are a little more complicated and entail more risk for the bettor. Hence, the potential reward goes up on these bets. They are a class of bets that will allow you to risk a little in order to win a lot.

The trio is a bet that requires you to pick the first three finishers in a single race. You must correctly pick the winning horses and the position that they will finish in. In the US and other areas this bet is called the trifecta. In Hong Kong racing there is a different way to bet the trio. A true trio will pay out if the three horses you have chosen finish first, second, or third in any order. A tierce is a form of the trio that only pays out when you pick the correct order of finish.

The first 4 or quartet is similar to the superfecta in the US. You must pick the first four finishers of the race. A first 4 wager will pay out when you pick the right four horses in any order. A quartet will pay when you pick the horses in their exact order of finish. This can be a very difficult bet to win in Hong Kong racing, but the rewards are very great when you win.

Multi-race Exotic Bets Hong Kong Racing

This category of bets is where things really start to get exciting in Hong Kong horse racing. We are now venturing into the territory of massive payouts for the bettor. Millions have been won with these wagers on a single bet.

The double trio requires you to pick the first three finishers in two selected races in exact order. The races that are chosen for the bet will typically be races that are contested back-to-back. As an example, the double trio might be offered on races three and four. The possible winning combinations of such a bet are astronomical. So are the potential payoffs.

It gets even harder with the triple trio horse racing bet. This bet adds one more race to the sequence. Unlike some of the other exotic bets, this bet provides a consolation prize if you are able to hit two of the three races correctly.

A double is the exact same bet as the Daily Double in US horse racing. To win the bet you must correctly pick the winners of two consecutive races. A treble is the same as a Pick 3 in the US, but with a catch. If you pick the right horses in the first two races you will be give a consolation prize if the horse that you have chosen in the third race runs second.

The six up bet is perhaps the most difficult bet in all of horse racing. It requires you to pick the winner of six consecutive races on the card. This bet is so difficult because all of the races in Hong Kong tend to be very competitive.

All Up Bets Hong Kong Racing

The final and most exciting category of Hong Kong horse racing bets is the All Up. This type of bet is only found in its present form in Hong Kong. It is very similar to a parlay wager that is made in sports betting. The bet allows a bettor to compound their winnings with successful bets in multiple races. The difficulty of the bet is also compounded with each passing race.

The bettor begins by selecting an amount that they are willing to stake on the All Up. They then choose a series of horse races to bet on. With each win the bet proceeds and the possible return goes up. Winning all of the bets in the sequence can generate a very large return.

In the US and other racing locations a bettor would need to create their own parlay by rolling over the winnings from one race into the next bet. Each race would offer different odds. Therefore, it is not a true parlay in the way one would make the bet at a sportsbook. The advantage of an All Up bet would be that fixed odds on winning all the bets in the sequence would be offered.

Are Hong Kong Horse Racing Bets Available Online?

The great thing about all of these Hong Kong horse racing bets is that most or all of them will be available at an online racebook that offers Hong Kong betting. These online racebooks have agreements with the Hong Kong Jockey Club to offer such bets to bettors. As we mentioned before, all horse betting in Hong Kong is overseen by the club.

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