Horse Racing In Rain & Bad Weather

Horse racing is a sport that is held in all kinds of weather. Horses don’t particularly seem to mind getting wet when they race, so it is common to see many horse races contested in the rain. They can even be ran on horse racing tracks that are so deep in mud that safety becomes a real concern for both […] Continue Reading

Hong Kong Steward Advises Us Horse Racing Officials

When it comes to horse racing Hong Kong is a respected jurisdiction. The officials there are among the best in the world. One such official is now stepping forward in an effort to help the US address a problem in horse racing. Measures are being discussed that could help US horse racing stewards do a better job in settling objections. […] Continue Reading

What Do You Wear To Happy Valley Races?

Horse racing at Happy Valley Racecourse is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Hong Kong. If you ever have the chance to attend the races at this historic race track you will want to dress appropriately. What do you wear to Happy Valley races? Here’s a look at how the locals attire themselves when they enjoy an evening […] Continue Reading

Hong Kong Horse Racing Bets

Many horse bettors are familiar with Hong Kong horse racing and the betting opportunities that it offers. There are large betting pools and millions of dollars bet on each race. To take advantage of betting racing in Hong Kong with an online racebook you need to be familiar with the types of bets that are offered. They differ somewhat from […] Continue Reading

What Is A Griffin Race In Hong Kong Horse Racing?

All over the world the sport of horse racing has many colorful terms that are unique to a specific location. This language of the race track is also present in Hong Kong. Those who are new to racing in this part of the world might want to know, what is a griffin race in Hong Kong? EZ Horse Betting has […] Continue Reading

Get Rebates On Hong Kong Racing Bets

Proper money management is very important for someone that bets on horses. The way that you maximize your bankroll is going to determine your profits when betting horses online for real money. What if there was a way for you to recoup a part of your wagering losses? That would be a very wise way to bet. It might sound […] Continue Reading

Sha Tin Racecourse Hong Kong

Of the two thoroughbred racecourses in Hong Kong, Sha Tin in the New Territories is the youngest. It was opened in 1978 and is the home of the Hong Kong Derby and many other special races. The racecourse can seat 85,000 race fans, and it can be filled to capacity on important race days. Horse racing is very popular in […] Continue Reading

$1 Billion Dollar Man Of Hong Kong Horse Racing

How much in winnings does it take for to you consider it to be a big day betting horses at the track or an online racebook? $100? $1,000? At Ez Horse Betting we have some readers who would be happy to cash in a $50 winning ticket. Just imagine what you would do if you scored over $1 billion in […] Continue Reading

The Hong Kong Jockey Club

In Hong Kong there is one organization that is tasked with oversight of thoroughbred racing. This is the Hong Kong Jockey Club. The prestigious organization has worked hard to make horse racing in Hong Kong the most popular sport and betting activity in the region. What you may not know is that the club also raises millions of dollars each […] Continue Reading

Horse Race Betting In Hong Kong

More people throughout the world today have access to horse racing in Hong Kong thanks to the era of online racebooks. It is legal for people in most of the US and many other parts of the world to bet on races at Happy Valley Racecourse and Sha Tin Racecourse in Hong Kong. Some of the best betting opportunities in […] Continue Reading

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