Standardbred Canada

We love Canada horse racing and today we will cover Standardbred Canada. Standardbred Canada is an organization devoted to the animals which compete in Canadian harness racing. These animals have their own unique bloodline, running styles, and physical conformation. Fans of the Canadian standardbred will find tons of useful information on the Standardbred Canada website.

The History of Standardbred Canada

In 1998 the Standardbred Canada non-profit organization was created. It came about as the result of a merger between The Canadian Trotting Association and The Canadian Standardbred Horse Society. The purpose of the organization is to maintain and manage all of the data on standardbred horses and harness racing in Canada.

The organization could be considered as something similar to the Jockey Club in the United States or in other areas. It is more than a clearinghouse of records, though. The organization also stands to promote the sport of harness racing in Canada. Thousands of bettors watch and wager on the Canadian standardbred races each year.

How Standardbred Canada Benefits the Sport of Harness Racing

In horse racing of any kind there is a need to manage vast amounts of data. Not only do the horses that compete need to be tracked, so do the trainers, owners, drivers, and jockeys. First and foremost, this organization helps to manage and deliver reliable data for bettors.

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Each member track in the organization has a field representative. This individual is devoted solely to the happenings at that specific track. They are tasked with input of data that includes race records. The data that is added by the field representative is ultimately used to compile racing programs for harness racing. These programs sometimes contain the valuable harness racing past performances that bettors require in order to make an informed decision.

Proper data allows eligibility determinations to be made for each standardbred race horse that competes in Canada. It is important to the integrity of the sport that all horses allowed to enter races are qualified to do so.

Standardbred Canada goes beyond data management. The organization also provides access to insurance for trainers and drivers in the sport. Even grooms and other workers within the racing industry are given access to disability and accidental death insurance.

Finally, the organization publishes TROT magazine which is made available to all members. In addition to the magazine, Standardbred Canada maintains a vast archive of material which helps to preserve the historical significance of harness racing in Canada.

The Magnificent Canadian Standardbred

The Canadian standardbred is a wonderful equine specimen that has the strength and endurance to pull a sulkey and driver at high rates of speed around an oval race track. These horses are generally regarded as stronger than the average thoroughbred, although their speeds are slower.

Standardbred horses are found in two varieties. There are pacers and trotters. Each type of standardbred has its own particular running style, and the two types do not compete against one another in the same race. During a harness race the horse is required to maintain its gait, or running style. If it breaks its gait, the horse must be guided to the outside and out of the race until it resumes the proper stride.

There is an effort made in Canada to care for standardbred horses after they have finished their racing career. This organization uses its website and other resources to sometimes help facilitate the adoption of horses which are no longer able or willing to compete in Canadian standardbred harness racing.

Resources for Both Industry Professionals and Bettors

On, fans of harness racing will find access to a wide variety of information. This information can be useful to owners and trainers as well as those who like to bet the harness races at an online racebook.

The news section is where one will find the latest information about news related to the sport of harness racing. This can include reports on race results, injuries, and trainer violations. It may also provide information of the state of online gambling in North America.

There is also also a results section which focuses on the publication of race results at the member harness racing tracks in Canada. Stakes races are given a particular focus. There is also a list of upcoming stakes racing events which are being held in the country.

A stallion registry is available. Those who may be looking for a stallion to breed mares will find information on the stud and its fees. There is also a section on the website where individuals may post items related to harness racing for sale.

As an organization, Standardbred Canada should be commended for all of its work in the field of Canadian standardbred horse racing. It is helping to keep the sport alive, but also giving it the ability to thrive as many harness racing tracks in other countries find themselves in decline.

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