Horse Racing Questions Everyone Is Embarrassed To Ask

When it comes to horse racing and horse racing betting there really are no stupid or bad questions. There are only horse racing questions everyone is embarrassed to ask. Most people don’t want others to know that they lack basic understanding of the sport. EZ Horse Betting is here to help. We’ve compiled a list of these embarrassing questions and provided answers. Now you can look like a pro even if you just started betting horses at an online racebook.


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How Many Times Can One Horse Win the Kentucky Derby?

Horses can only win the Kentucky Derby one time in their racing career. The reason for this is that the Kentucky Derby and all other Triple Crown races are restricted to horses that are three years old. A horse can only turn three once, so that means only one try when it comes to winning the Run for the Roses.

Are The Only Great Horses Ones that Run in the Kentucky Derby?

There are many great race racehorses in history that never competed in the Kentucky Derby or any other Triple Crown race. Perhaps one of the most famous is Seabiscuit. The little horse that united America in the Great Depression and defeated Kentucky Derby winner War Admiral did not come into his own until he was older. Another example would be Ruffian, the great filly that was undefeated until being injured in a race against Kentucky Derby winner Foolish Pleasure.

What Does it Mean When a Horse is Scratched?

Chances are you may have been betting at your favorite online racebook when you noticed that a horse you like was scratched. This does not mean that the horse developed an itch that could not be denied. It means that the horse has been removed from the race at the last minute. Sometimes a scratch can happen in the days or hours preceding a race. At other times it can happen right before the race is scheduled to begin. When a horse is scratched all the money that has been bet on it is returned to the bettors. The reason a horse is scratched is most often related to some injury or illness.

Who Are All Those People Around a Horse When it Wins?

After the running of a horse race you will see the winning horse led to the Winner’s Circle where it is showered with attention from a group of people. Sometimes this group of people is large. At other times it is small. These people may also be seen in the paddock with a horse before the race is ran. The people are called the horses’ connections. They are the trainer, owner or owners, groom, and other people that are directly responsible for the horse. Connections are allowed to be present with a horse before and after the horse race is run.

Sometimes I See Horses in the Paddock Before a Race With no Number On Them. What Are They Doing?

Horses that are in the without a number before a race begins are undergoing a process that is known as schooling. This process is meant to help the horses get used to all the things that happen before a race. You can think of it as a training exercise. These horses are not running in the race today and cannot be bet on like the other horses.

Horses All Look the Same to Me. How do They Tell Them Apart?

It would be very difficult indeed if there were no way to tell horses apart. That is why each professional race horse is given a tattoo on the inside of their upper lip. This tattoo is a unique combination of letters and numbers that can be used to identify the horse. The tattoo is sort of like a birthmark. Before a horse is allowed to enter a race the tattoo must be checked by the identifier. The identifier will compare the tattoo with the number that is on file for the horse. The horse can only race when these numbers match.

When Do Horses Begin a Racing Career?

A horse cannot begin competing at professional race tracks until it has reached the age of two. However, there are some horses that are not yet two years old who race. The reason for this is that each horse has a universal birth date of January 1. So, if a horse was born in September it is still assigned a birth date of January 1. This is done to simplify the classification of horses for racing purposes.

When Do Horses Quit Racing?

There is no standard age at which a horse is forced to stop racing. Horses on most circuits can compete until the age of 12. It is rare to see a horse this old still involved in active racing, but it does happen. Some of the horses that compete at this age have even done very well. It would be far more common to see a horse retire by the time it is eight years old. A horse that is a gelding usually has a longer racing career than a horse that is a stud. The reason for this is that studs are sent off to a farm for their breeding potential.

What Does a Horse Do When it Stops Racing?

When a horse ends its racing career it may be sent to stud or it may be allowed to live out its life in a pasture or paddock. Some race horses are retrained for other sports like polo or even rodeo. Others may be chosen to participate in equestrian sports. Sadly, a number of race horses are ultimately destroyed after their racing career is finished.

Are All Jockeys Small?

The large majority of jockeys in American horse racing are small in stature. The average jockey would be no taller than 5′ and weight less than 115 pounds. While the weight of a jockey is regulated by the Jockey Club, jockeys can be any height. In fact, some jockeys have been 5’5” or taller. Ronald Ardoin, one of the top riders to ever compete in Louisiana was 5’8” tall. It can be more difficult for a jockey that is tall to maintain the appropriate weight for riding horses.

Why Do Jockeys Wear Those Loud Shirts?

The shirts that jockeys wear while they are riding are known as silks. These shirts are made of silk and are designed in the colors of the horse’s owner. All silks must be registered with the jockey club before they can be worn in a race. Similar colors are allowed on silks, but the pattern or logo used on each silk must be unique. No two owners are allowed to have the same silks.

We hope we have given you the answer to some of the horse racing questions that most people are too embarrassed to ask. We also want to encourage you to sign up with one of our recommended online racebooks. You can get a bonus on your first real money deposit when you sign up today, and bets can be made from a computer, phone, or tablet. Now, it is time to explore some horse betting sites so do check our Bovada racebook review, Twinspires review or even our Betamerica review. All great choice if you are in the US. 5Dimes review for folks anywhere!

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