At EZ Horse Betting we love making bets at online racebooks. Some of our readers, though, still like to make trips to a live racetrack. They often want to know, how do you place a bet on the horse track? It is a simple question to answer, but the answer to the question actually depends on where you will be betting. Making a bet on the horse track in the UK is much different than it is in the US.


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Betting at the Horse Track in the US

Parimutuel betting is what drives American horse racing. When you visit a live track in the US you will see that a large portion of the facility, aside from the track itself, is devoted to live tellers and automatic betting kiosks. There are also dozens of monitors that display races in progress, and there are tables for handicappers to work at.

How do you place a bet on the horse track in the US? There are primarily two ways. The first of these is to use an automatic betting kiosk. This kiosk is about the size of a small ATM machine that you can find in a grocery store. It accepts cash and it also accepts racing tickets which are printed by the machine or the tellers. Whenever a player has a ticket that reflects only a certain amount of cash and not a bet this is called a voucher.

To begin, you will insert your ticket voucher or cash into the machine. The screen before you will then display your money balance in addition to a list of the tracks that are available to bet on. You will choose your track from the list. If the track you are visiting currently has live racing in progress, you can use the kiosk to bet the live races. You can also use it to make wagers on events at other tracks that are being simulcast.

Once you have chosen the track to bet on you will then select the race you want to bet. The final step is to make your chosen wager and select a horse. Once you complete the wager, the money will be deducted from your available balance and you’ll be issued a betting slip. You can then keep betting or withdraw your remaining money and receive another voucher.

The second way of betting at the horse track in the US is to use a live teller. These are actual people, both men and women, who work behind a series of windows. They are referred to as tellers because the area in which they work resembles a bank. You walk up to the window, tell the teller which bet you would like to make, and pay for the bet. The teller will then issue you a betting slip. If your bet is a winner you will need that betting slip to collect the money.

The Proper Protocol of Betting at the Horse Track

If you happen to be betting at a live track in the US and using a live teller, there is a protocol to use. You don’t have to do it, but the tellers will appreciate it. Using the right verbiage when betting will make the teller’s life much easier.

When you approach the betting windows at the track you should state the following in order:

  • The amount of your bet
  • The type of bet
  • The number of the horse you are betting

So, let’s say that you wanted to bet $2 to win on #8. Your wording to the teller would be:

โ€œTwo dollars. Win. Number 8.โ€

That seems simple, but what about a complex bet like a part-wheel exacta?

โ€œTwo dollars. Exacta wheel. Number 1 with Numbers 2, 3, and 4.โ€

Using the right terminology at the live race track can take some time to master. If you visit the live track often, just hang around the old handicappers and you will be speaking their language in no time at all.

Betting at the Horse Track in the UK

In the UK there is a world of difference in how racing bets are made. Instead of betting with a teller or with a machine, you will be making a bet with a bookmaker. That’s right. How do you place a bet on the horse track in the UK? You use a bookie!

But, wait. Betting with a bookie on horse racing in the UK is not like betting with a bookie in some shady alley or bar like you see on television. Bookmakers are somewhat esteemed when it comes to the UK. They are least considered reputable. The UK has a much more relaxed stance on betting, and you can find bookie shops all over London and other locations.

At the race track the bookies are allowed to set up wagering stations right beside the actual track. They are generally all lined up in a row, and each bookie competes for his or her share of the pie. What this means is that the odds on a given horse cary greatly from bookie to bookie! You can actually shop around to find the best odds on the horse that you wish to bet.

Once you have decided on which bookie to use and the odds that you will accept. The final step is to pay the bookie the amount of the wager. The bookie will then give you a betting slip that you will use to collect your winning bet if you win. Many people think that betting with a bookie in the UK is much simpler than betting at a race track in the US.

If you aren’t planning on attending live racing, why not check out one of the online horse betting sites that is recommended by EZ Horse Betting? You can make the same bets that you would make at the track without leaving home. Some online racebooks will even give you a nice deposit bonus when you create your wagering account. See our Bovada racebook review, Twinspires review or even our Betamerica review. All great choice if you are in the US. 5Dimes review for folks anywhere!


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