What’s The Best Way To Bet On Horses?

There are many different way to bet on horses. You can make bets at a live track, or you can bet horses online with a racebook. You can even make horse racing bets with a bookie. Many of our readers want to know, what’s the best way to bet on horses? At EZ Horse Betting we believe that there is one way which offers more advantages than the rest.


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The Era of the Online Racebook

The Internet has certainly changed the way people do things today. This definitely applies to making horse racing bets. A great majority of horse race bettors are now using online racebooks to make their horse racing wagers. These betting venues have been growing in popularity since the early 2000s. They have changed the way people think about race betting.

It used to be necessary for a handicapper to attend a live track in order to make horse racing bets. This was inconvenient for many people, and most of those making the bets were ones with easy track access. If you lived in an area where there were no race tracks nearby it was not practical for you to bet on horses. The next major advancement was the introduction of OTB, or off track betting parlors.

An OTB was a betting facility that simulcast the races from a certain track each day on video monitors. Bettors could come to the OTB and watch the live races from a track hundreds of miles away. They could also place horse bets at the OTB just like they would do on the track. There were betting windows and cashiers to take the bets. If the bettor won they could collect their winnings right there in the OTB.

There are still OTB facilities located in states like New York and Louisiana. They are not as popular today as they once were, but one can still find the old school handicappers hanging out there while they try to make a profit from horse racing.

Telephone betting was the next step in the evolution of horse betting. Race tracks were permitted by the state to set up phone lines that bettors could call to make their bets. The bettor would establish an account with the track, call the phone line, and tell the operator which bet they wanted to make. There were some difficulties with telephone betting from the start. For one, it could be a hassle trying to collect your winnings. Many bettors would also be shut out from betting if they waited too long to call and make a wager. The phone lines could be tied up. All in all it was an unattractive way to bet race horses.

Finally, online racebooks began to appear. These betting venues have changed the way people think about making bets on horse racing. They are convenient, economical, and easy to use. Best of all, the online racebook opens up horse racing to more fans around the world. Now those people who do not live in close proximity to a race track can bet just as easy as those who live next door to a racing strip. If you are asking yourself what’s the best way to bet on horses, the online racebook just might be your answer.

Why Betting Horses Online is Better

There are a number of reasons why betting horses online is better than betting at the racetrack. Let’s start by mentioning that you don’t have to leave home to bet horses online. This can save you a lot of money throughout the year. When you attend live racing you have to pay travel expenses, and there may also be an admission fee to the track. You will have eating costs and other things to consider. All of these things can cut into your horse race betting profits when you aren’t careful.

Betting horses online also gives you access to more race tracks. A single online racebook account can provide you with betting opportunities at every major US track as well as race tracks in Europe and Japan. You can even bet races in Australia if you are willing to watch them from the US in the wee hours of the night.

The betting menu at an online racebook is just the same as the betting menu that you would find at the live racetrack. Sometimes you might even find horse racing bets online that you cannot find on the track. Many racebooks offer special promotions that are linked to big racing events like the Kentucky Derby and Breeders’ Cup. They will often give bettors a free bet for these events.

Bonuses are another attractive online horse betting feature. You can claim these bonuses by simply making a deposit to your online racebook account. Some will match the amount that you deposit 100% or more. Many other online racebooks will also reward their loyal players with surprise bonuses throughout the year. You can even earn loyalty points at some online racebooks that you can exchange for free bets and other perks.

Betting the Horses with Bitcoin

What’s the best way to bet on horses? Some people believe that betting horses with Bitcoin is best. There are many popular online racebooks that have started to accept this cryptocurrency as a form of deposit. You can make bets with the Bitcoin deposited from your cryptocurrency wallet, and you can withdraw your winnings in Bitcoin if you desire to do so.

Some bettors like the fact that Bitcoin gives them a certain amount of anonymity when they make bets. This is true to some extent. Betting horses with Bitcoin does not create the same kind of paper trail that is made when you use a credit or debit card to make horse racing bets online. So, if you feel the need to keep your betting private, Bitcoin might be the best way to bet on horses.

Are you ready to try your hand at EZ Horse Betting? Just pick one of the online racebooks that we recommend and sign up for an account today. It only takes a moment and you can be betting from your computer, phone, or tablet. See our Bovada racebook review, Twinspires review or even our Betamerica review. All great choice if you are in the US. 5Dimes review for folks anywhere!

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