Horse racing sites on the internet

The horse racing bettors of today sure have it better than the horse racing bettors of the past. There are horse racing sites on the Internet which allow you to create a full OTB in the palm of your hand. You just need to know how to find the best horse racing betting sites. With so many to choose from, […] Continue Reading

Horse Racing Handicapping Apps

All horse racing bettors are constantly looking for an easier way to handicap races. One way to accomplish this is horse racing handicapping apps. These apps for computers and mobile devices are able to harness important information about horses trainers and jockeys. We have put together a short guide to horse racing apps for the handicapper. These are some things […] Continue Reading

How to Win at an Online Racebook

At EZ Horse Betting we believe that betting horses online has many advantages. It allows you to bet more race tracks, eliminates the need to travel, and gives you the chance to earn bonus money and rewards. For those who don’t know how to get started, here’s a guide to winning with an online racebook. Choosing the Right Online Racebook […] Continue Reading

Top Ten Horse Racing Secrets

Do you like to watch and wager on horse racing at an online racebook? Have you ever wondered what is really going on behind the scenes of horse racing? Here is a look at ten secrets that you may not have known about the sport of kings. Some of these secrets may even change the way that you think about […] Continue Reading

Bet On Japanese Virtual Horse Racing

Maybe it should come as no surprise that Japan has introduced some forms of virtual horse racing. The country has long been known for the development of video gaming platforms like the Sony Playstation. It also seems that efforts are being made to allow for wagering on virtual horse racing in Japan. In fact, this type of betting has already […] Continue Reading

Which Horse Bets Pay the Most?

Being a successful horse racing bettor means that you need to be making profitable bets. Some horse racing bets pay more than others. We have put together a guide to help you understand which horse bet pays the most. We will also try to help you understand a little about value and why it is so important to maximize it […] Continue Reading

Smart Horse Racing Bets

To win at betting horses online you need several things. You need a bankroll. You need patience. You also need to make smart horse racing bets. The difference between winners and losers in horse racing comes down to who is making the best bets. At the end of the day you are competing with other horse bettors in the parimutuel […] Continue Reading

Gambling Companies Get Taken To The Cleaners By A Loophole

Imagine if you had a way of beating the sports betting bookies that was foolproof. According to a recent story by the BBC, a couple of British gamblers found exactly such a method. The two bettors discovered a way to take advantage of live betting in tennis matches. The crazy thing about this method is that it is very similar […] Continue Reading

Make A Part-time Living Betting Horses Online

For some people the idea of making a living as a professional gambler is just too hard to resist. They dream of a life on easy street, high rolling, beautiful women, and fancy cars. It is not like that for most professional gamblers who bet on horses full time. They are subject to ups and downs and long streaks without […] Continue Reading

Las Vegas Racebooks Vs. Online Racebooks – Which Are Best?

There are many people who like EZ Horse Betting that never attend the races in person. They choose to bet at Las Vegas racebooks or one of the online racebooks that we recommend. Every person is different and likes it their own way, but we believe that online horse betting offers some advantages over playing in a noisy Las Vegas […] Continue Reading


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