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When you open an account with one of the online horse racing sites that we recommend, you could receive a bonus. Horse racing site bonuses come in many forms, and they can be used to help you win large sums. Here is a look at how you should be using online horse betting site bonuses to win big.

About Horse Racing Betting Site Bonuses

Let’s begin by discussing what these bonuses are. Horse betting sites online typically attract new players with bonus offers. These offers come in two distinct types. There is the free bet bonus and the matching deposit bonus.

A free bet bonus does not require you to make a deposit with the site you have chosen. The horse betting site gives you a free bet just for signing up. That free bet can be worth $10, $25, or more. It just depends on the site that you have chosen. This is a one-time bet and it cannot be reused.

The matching deposit bonus can put far more money into your pocket. With this bonus the racebook will match your first deposit up to a certain amount. Most offer a 100% match. That means if you deposit $200, the site will match that deposit with another $200.

As you can see, using online horse racing site bonuses to win big is a possibility. You can easily grow your bankroll with this free money.

How to Claim a Horse Betting Bonus

Again, it depends on the type of bonus you will receive. If it is a free bet bonus with no deposit required, all you need to do is complete the sign up process with a horse betting site.

You’ll need to provide an email address and some basic information. An identity verification may also be necessary when you sign up. As soon as you are accepted, the free bet bonus should show up in your account.

To redeem a matching deposit bonus, you need to follow the steps above. You will also need to make an initial deposit to your account. The amount of money you deposit is up to you, but it only makes sense to deposit the maximum allowed for the bonus. Remember, you can only claim these offers once so make the most of it.

Putting Your Bonus to Good Use

Betting horses online is a little bit different than other gambling games. For one things, the odds change with each race. A big key to winning at the races is making bets at the right time. That means when you know you have an edge.

When you first get your bonus from a horse betting site, be sure to see how long it is valid for. You don’t have to play it right away in most cases. Instead of jumping into the action the first chance you get, wait until the best racing opportunity arises. In many cases, this means one of the big race days like the Kentucky Derby.

Why play the Kentucky Derby or Breeders’ Cup instead of some claiming race at a smaller track? The pools on the biggest racing days can be bigger than others. You want to give yourself a chance to wade in those pools with the sharks.

If there is no big race looming, try to find betting opportunities on the circuits you follow often. Most online horse betting sites today offer hundreds of race tracks for betting. Your local track is probably one of them.

Finally, you can start using online horse racing site bonuses to win big by checking out the races overseas. In particular, give the Hong Kong circuit a try. There have been some handicappers that have won over $1 million dollars betting races from Hong Kong. It is a competitive circuit with big betting pools.

Cashing Out Big Winnings at Horse betting sites

Once you have used your bonus money to win big, the time has come to cash out those winnings. This is a simple process at most horse betting sites, but first you need to be aware of the terms and conditions of the site in regards to bonus money.

Some horse betting sites will impose what is known as a wagering requirement on all bonus money given away. This just means that you will need to wager the amount of bonus money you received a certain number of times.

You want to look for an online horse betting site that will have a low wagering requirement. Some will even offer a 1X play through. Also, make sure your chosen betting site has a reputation for reliable and fast payouts.

An Online Horse Betting Site Bonus FAQ

Is online horse betting legal for US residents?

In most states it is legal for US residents to wager on horse racing with a computer or mobile device. Some states such as Hawaii and Utah still prohibit online betting in multiple forms. Horse betting is sometimes seen differently because it is parimutuel.

Can I get more than one horse betting bonus?

You can get bonuses from different sites. It is unlikely that you will be able to get a bonus from the same horse betting site more than once. These sites have measures in place to prevent individuals from getting multiple bonuses.

Do I have to use my bonus money on certain bets?

Most sites will allow you to play your free bets as you desire. You can make a straight wager like the win bet, or you can play an exotic like the Pick 6. Just remember that the exotic bets can be harder to hit, but the reward is also much greater.

How much free horse betting money will I get?

This depends on the actual horse betting site that you use. Most of them keep the amounts low. About $10 would be the average for no deposit horse bets. For a matching bonus the amount of free money is determined by how much you want to deposit.

What is the minimum age for betting horses online?

In most jurisdictions you will need to be 18 years or age or older to bet horses online.


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