EZ Horse Betting was created by real handicappers and horseracing insiders to give our readers an edge in betting the horses. Picking winners in horseracing is a difficult job. To be successful a handicapper needs to know the right betting angles, be familiar with the terminology of the racetrack, and learn how to skillfully read a racing program and decipher past performances. EZ Horse Betting strives to present all of the information necessary to help bettors do that.

There are few things more exciting than horseracing. Not only do those who watch experience the thrill of cheering for their chosen horse, they can also become immersed in the horseracing experience by reading about the famous tracks, jockeys, and race horses that make the sport one of the world’s greatest spectacles. EZ Horse Betting is all about creating that same exciting atmosphere on its website. We present excellent handicapping information, but we also have many articles devoted to the history of horseracing and the behind-the-scenes work that happens on a racetrack.

EZ Horse Betting was developed by people with real experience in horseracing. Our writers have worked in the industry as grooms, jockey agents, and horse owners and cover many topics here.. This experience gives the ability to present information that often cannot be found elsewhere. When should someone trust the workout information in the Daily Racing Form? Which trainers display patterns that can help a bettor cash more winning tickets? How do jockeys maintain their low weight, and what are the dangers of riding thoroughbred horses? How to pick a winner? All of these questions and more are tackled by our experts in the field of horseracing.

We also seek to help our readers find the best places to watch and wager on horseracing online. (affiliate notice here)More and more racing fans are turning to online racebooks for their betting action. It can be difficult choosing the best racebook. Which ones offer the best bonuses or rebates? Which ones have the most user-friendly platforms? What are the deposit requirements? Does the racebook offer frequent player rewards? EZ Horse Betting will review many racebooks and help readers choose the best one for making online bets on horses.

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