How do you place a bet in horse Racing?

Horse racing is a unique sport that has a strong connection to wagering. There would probably be no horse racing if individuals were not allowed to bet on the results of the races. It is logical that you make be wondering, how do you place a bet? EZ Horse Betting has the answers that you need in this explanation of making wagers on horse races.

Placing a Bet at the Live Race Track

The manner in which one places a bet at a live race track can vary from country to country. In the US bets are placed with live tellers or automated teller kiosks. In the UK and in Australia one may either bet with a bookie or use the tote board and bet with a teller.


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Let’s begin by briefly describing what you will see at the track when you go to make a bet. In the US the betting windows are located inside the race track. These windows often bear a similarity to the windows you would find at your local bank. Behind the window is a teller that will take your bet and give you a betting ticket.

You will also see a number of kiosks that look like ATM machines. These kiosks are able to accept both cash and ticket vouchers. You insert the cash or voucher into the machine and a touch screen is displayed for you to make your bets.

If you want to use the live teller, you begin by approaching the window with your betting money in hand. There is a very specific way that bets are called out at the track. You begin by stating the race number. Next, you say how much the wager is for. You will then state the type of wager that you are making, and conclude with the number of the horse you want to bet. It goes something like this:

“Race three, $2 to win, number four.”

You have just told the teller that you would like to make a $2 win wager on horse number four in race number three. The teller will take your money and issue you a ticket. Hold on to it. You will need that ticket to claim your money if the horse that you have chosen wins.

Please note that you do not have to use this phrasing when you bet. The failure to use it, however, may mark you as an amateur and frustrate the teller. Practice the language that you use when you place a bet and you will have a more pleasant time at the track.

If you want to use the automated teller machine, begin by inserting your money or ticket voucher into the machine. The machine will tell you how much you have available to wager. You will then enter your race number, the amount of your bet, the type of wager, and the horse you are betting on by making selections on the touch screen. Once this is finished you will tap a SUBMIT button and the kiosk will issue you a ticket. If you have change left the machine will issue you a voucher for the balance.

How to Place a Bet in Australia or the UK

In addition to the above methods, how to place a bet in Australia or the UK deserves its own brief discussion of bookies. Bookmaker have long been a staple of European racing. Indeed, for many years it was only possible to bet with a bookie at these tracks.

You can still do this type of horse betting today. The bookies will typically be organized into a betting ring where each bookmaker displays colorful banners and digital signs which list the racing odds offered for each horse. You will approach the bookmaker and tell him the bet you wish to place.

This is where things get interesting. In Australia, for example, bookies compete with each other to get the wagers from the betting public. By shopping around from bookmaker to bookmaker you may be able to get better odds on the horse that you like. Once you have found a bookie that is offering odds you are willing to accept, pay for the wager and you’ll be given a ticket. If your horse wins the race, return to the bookie and collect your money.

EZ Horse Betting feels that there is something attractive about this type of betting at horse racing. Betting with a bookie feels as though you are taking a step back into the storied past of horse racing. Give it a try if you are lucky enough to visit one of the legendary race tracks of Europe.

How Do You Place a Bet Online?

Online racebooks are very popular right now, and they are legal in most jurisdictions. They provide the ultimate in convenience when it comes to horse race betting. All you need is a computer, phone, or tablet to make your wagers. You can bet from the comfort of home, the local coffee shop, or even the public library.

Placing a bet online works a lot like the kiosks we mentioned earlier. When you sign into your online racebook account you will be given a screen that displays your balance. You can then access the tracks you want to bet, usually from a dropdown menu. Once the track has been selected, simply go about the business of choosing your wager amount, bet types, and horses.

Did you know that some online racebooks are now accepting Bitcoin for horse race betting? This means that you can place a bet with cryptocurrency. Some people like this type of betting better because it provides them with some small amount of anonymity.

You should now have an idea of the basics of placing a bet at a live track and online. If you are ready to try your hand, why not sign up with one of our recommended online racebooks? You will get a nice bonus for signing up and also access to free race replays and past performances. In USA check out Twinspires, BetAmerica or Bovada. If outside USA, 1Xbet is the one to go to.

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