Horse racing betting is one of the most challenging types of gambling. It is far from a game of luck. To be successful you need to know how to pick winners, and you also need to manage your bankroll. Even with these skills it can be an uphill battle to make a profit. How do you win a horse race every time? Here’s a look at how smart handicappers beat the game.

You Cannot Win Every Horse Racing Bet

If you are the fortunate person who has never lost a bet at horse racing, that tells us one thing. You don’t bet horses on a regular basis. No matter how good you are, losses will occur. There are handicappers who make a living betting horses, and they do not win more than 35% of their wagers. These are professionals who have forgotten more about picking winners than many people will ever know.

Bet on horses

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Why is horse racing such a hard game to beat? Because it involves both a human and an animal element. The horse that you have chosen could have a bad day. The jockey that is riding your horse could lose balance and fall off. Unlike other forms of gambling, your horse racing success or failure depends on many factors that are beyond your control.

How do you win a horse race every time? Don’t bet. That’s the only way you will keep a perfect record. Since you are someone who wants to bet horses online, this is not an option. We need to find other ways that you can โ€œwinโ€ every time that you play.

Bet Horses With Free Money

There are quite a few online racebooks that will give you free money to bet on horses. All you need to do is sign up and make a deposit to your account. The racebook will then match your first deposit 100% up to a certain amount.

Other racebooks may be willing to give you a free bet with no strings attached. If you are careful with your money you can use this free cash to build a bankroll. If you are not using your own money to bet, you are winning every time.

Why do online racebooks give free cash? It is because they need to compete for your business. All online racebooks like Amwager depend upon a steady stream of players to stay in business. They give you free betting money so that you can try out the online racebook and see if it is a fit for you.

Get Rebates on Your Horse Racing Losses

A popular promotion that has been around for many years is the horse racing rebate. This is one way that you can win a horse race every time. A rebate is cash back on the wagers that you lose each month at your favorite online racebook.

Rebates actually began in the off-track betting parlors that were used before the advent of online horse betting. Then, some of the first online and telebet horse racing sites began to offer them. Today, they are a part of many online racebooks. In some cases, rebate offers are hard to find. You may have to ask the racebook if they are offered.

The way a horse racing rebate works is pretty simple. All horse racing bettors that wager a certain amount qualify to receive a refund on wagers that they lost. The amount is usually a percentage that is based on the total amount of wagers made. In other words, the more that you bet the larger the refund will be.

In some cases you may qualify for as much as a 25% return on what you bet. That is the closest thing to winning a horse race every time as you may ever find.

Consider Your Running Horse Racing Profit

Ask any smart bettor and they will tell you that keeping records is important. You need to know a precise amount of how much you have won and how much you have lost. If you remain in profit, you can actually claim that you have won every horse racing bet.

This is possible because horse racing betting, just like poker or blackjack or any other type of gambling is one long game. Your success is not defined by a single horse race bet. The end result is what determines if you are a winner or a loser.

Let’s say that you have bet on a total of 10 horse races. You have won three of those bets and lost seven. The profit that you made on the three wins has evened out your losses on the seven failures and even left you a bit ahead. How is this possible, you ask? It depends on the type of the bets you made and the odds that you received. So, you can lose seven of ten bets and still be ahead.

If you bet a total of $100 on ten races and received $120 in return, your profit is $20. That equals an average profit of $2 on each race that you have bet. You can win a horse race every time as long as you remain in profit overall.

Always Consider the Odds When Betting Horses

To remain in profit when betting on horses you have to always consider the odds of the horses that you have bet. Smart bettors refuse to wager on horses unless the odds that they have been given are fair.

On a straight wager you probably need to get at least 3-1 to make a bet worthwhile. If you only bet horses that are offered at 3-1 or better, you only have to be right one out of every three bets to break even.

There is a fact when it comes to horse racing. Any bet that you don’t lose is a win. That means when you pass a race because the odds that you are getting are not suitable, you have won.

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2 comments on “How do you win a Horse Race Every Time?

  • Big phil

    I want to bet the 20 cent pick 6 being offered at alot of tracks but dont know which ones pay on all winners and which ones only pay on 1 winner.

    • admin

      Thanks for your comment Big Phil! With a good handicapping name like that you surely know your way around the race track. The Pick 6 is a common bet, and around this time of the year it gets even more popular. Many tracks will offer special Pick 6 betting pools as the Triple Crown series grows near. As you mentioned, these can often be bet for as little as $0.10 or $0.20. A Pick 6 is an all or nothing wager. This means that there are no payouts for getting just one of the six selections right. You’ll have to get all six correct to win. On some days the race track or online racebook will allow a consolation payout if no one gets all six. To receive this, you must have five winners on your Pick 6 ticket. All Pick 6 tickets operate on this general principle. We hope this helps, and good luck at the track!


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