Betting On Horse Racing For Dummies

Horse racing is a horse gambling that attracts all sorts of bettors. There are professional handicappers that make a daily living from horse betting and are famillir with basics of handicapping 101. There are recreational bettors who bet now and then and win large sums. There are also newcomers who just enjoy a day at the races once or twice in their entire life. Maybe they will get lucky and win a bet or two, but for them it is about enjoying the sport.


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Do you fall into the last category? Maybe you don’t have the knowledge that some handicappers possess. That’s okay. EZ Horse Betting has some suggestions that would qualify as betting on horse racing for dummies. Not that were calling you a dummy! Not at all! What we mean is that these horse betting suggestions are so simple that anyone can use them.

Know What You’re Getting Into with Horse Race Betting

Before you ever make a trip to a live racetrack to make horse bets you should know a little about the game. We will tell you upfront that a bet on a horse is hard to win. This is because there are so many variables to consider. The horses, the jockeys, the trainers, the track surface. All of these play a role when it comes to the outcome of a horse race.

Betting on horse racing for dummies also means that you should know the best horse in the race does not always win the event. It also means that the horse which you think is the best looking or has the best name does not have a better chance. Even the best handicappers in the world have a hard time understanding when the horses they have chosen get beaten. It happens.

Don’t be discouraged! This doesn’t mean that you can’t improve your chances of winning at the track. Horse racing is a gambling game that rewards knowledge and preparation. The more you know, the more likely you are to pick a winner on race day. Also, check the horse racing terms.

Take Advantage of Tipsters

Those who only attend horse racing on occasion are sometime ill equipped to pick their own horses. They may not know how to read a racing form or decipher past performances. It can be overwhelming to sit down and look at all those numbers in a racing form and not know what most of them mean.

The good news is that most tracks employ a handicapper to provide tips to race patrons for free! Many racetracks have an entire show that is broadcast before the races begin. During this show the handicapper will go over each race and give out selections. These are the horses that the handicapper thinks have the best chance to win.

Are the track handicappers and tipsters always right? Of course not. Some of them regularly win less than 30% of their betting suggestions. But listening to them and betting on the horses that they have chosen is better than having no plan at all.

You will also find other tipsters at the racetrack that are always willing to share a hot horse. Some of these individuals are degenerate gamblers and should also learn about betting on horse racing for dummies. But others may have a legitimate inside connection. They may have a friend that works on the backside of the race track. They may be the girlfriend of a jockey. Always keep your ears and your eyes open at the racetrack.

Bet the Minimum Amount

If you are very new to the sport of horse racing it would benefit you to keep your racing bets to a minimum. At most horse racing venues this is $2 for a straight wager. You can bet as much as you want on any race. There are no maximums. Betting a large amount just because you can is not going to make you a winner.

Think about it. Most race days have a total of 10 races to bet on a given day. If you limit yourself to betting $2 on each race you will only spend $20 for the entire day. You’ll have the time of your life for much less than it costs to go to a casino. Factor in another $20 for food and drink and you have a very nice outing for less than $50.

Here’s the thing. If you are new to horse racing the sights and sounds of the track are far more exciting than the bets. Soak it all in. You will still have a bet riding on each race and get to cheer on the horse that you have chosen. If you lose, so what? If you can’t stand to lose $20 then you don’t need to be betting anyway.

You Just Might Win With These Basic Tips!

There are some tried and true horse betting principles that everyone should be aware of. Horse racing is a game that provides bettors with years of statistics and plays. Over time some patterns have emerged that hold true to this very day. These maxims are not hard to remember, and they will steer you away from making bad bets.

Don’t bet favorites. If you are new to the game and do not handicap, stay away from the horses that everyone else is betting on. Favorites only win one out of every three races at the track. This has been true since the earliest days of horse racing. Why? Because it is the betting public who decides which horse is the favorite. The public gets it right one out of every three times on average.

Stay away from show bets. Betting on horse racing for dummies doesn’t mean that you need to make dumb bets. The show bet may look appealing because it seems easier to win. The horse that you bet to show only has to run third or better to collect the winning bet. It might seem easier, but it is not. Even worse, the show bet can often pay as little as $0.20 for a $2.00 bet. Risking $2 to win twenty cents is a bad bet, and everyone can understand that.

Stick to straight wagers. At the racetrack you will see a lot of bets offered. The Pick 3, the exacta, the trifecta. All of those bets can be overwhelming, especially when you don’t really know what you’re doing. The best way to avoid getting overwhelmed is to only bet to win or to place. These are simple bets to make and you only need to pick one horse to make them.

How About Horse Betting Online?

Betting horses online is something that we get very excited about! Today it is possible for you to watch and wager on live horse racing with an online racebook. You may find that doing this is much easier than going to the live track to make bets. All you need is a PC, phone, or tablet, and an online racebook account. We recommend BetAmerica as one choice.

Guess what? When you create your online racebook account you will also receive access to a lot of freebies. There will be past performances for you to use, and also race replays. You may even receive some free betting money when you sign up.

Do you dabble in cryptocurrency? Some online racebooks will let you bet with Bitcoin! There are so many advantages of betting horses online that it would take an entire article just to list them all. Give online betting a try and see if you like it.

So, there you go. You now have some insight into betting on horse racing for dummies. Remember, it’s not about how much you win or lose at the track. It’s about how much fun you have while making your racing bets. In USA check out Twinspires, BetAmerica or Bovada. If outside USA, 1Xbet is the one to go to.

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