Las Vegas Racebooks Vs. Online Racebooks – Which Are Best?

There are many people who like EZ Horse Betting that never attend the races in person. They choose to bet at Las Vegas racebooks or one of the online racebooks that we recommend. Every person is different and likes it their own way, but we believe that online horse betting offers some advantages over playing in a noisy Las Vegas racebook environment.


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Live Racebooks in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the undisputed gambling capital of the world. Of this there is no question. Many gamblers move to Las Vegas just so they can be closer to the action. Casino gambling, sports betting, and horse race betting are all available 24 hours each day.

Betting on horses is nothing new in Las Vegas. Many casinos have a racebook. In most cases it is part of the casino’s sports betting operation. A Las Vegas racebook is just like an off track betting parlor that you might find in your state.

In the racebook you will find banks of television monitors that broadcast racing around the clock. You can go in the middle of the night to watch and wager on horse racing in Japan, Australia, and the UK. In the daytime you can bet on all the US horse racing tracks. These racebooks never close, not even on the major holidays.

There are seats in the racebook and tables where you can do your handicapping. One section of the racebook is reserved for betting windows. There will also be automated betting kiosks that let you purchase a ticket without having to deal with a live teller.

For some people, the atmosphere of the live racebook is pleasant. They like to be around other handicappers who are cheering on their winning selections. For others, the environment can be a smoke-filled, noisy nightmare. These individuals would be better off choosing an online racebook and never having to leave their home.

Online Racebooks

An online racebook for horse betting is an entirely different thing. The player can enjoy horse betting right from their living room with a PC, phone, or tablet. There is far less noise, and the expense of traveling to a casino racebook is eliminated.

Otherwise, the experience of betting at an online racebook like BetAmerica or Bovada is much the same as you would find in Las Vegas. You have access to a large number of horse racing tracks, and bets can be made at all hours. You can stay up late for Australian racing or be up at the crack of dawn for racing in England.

Full betting menus are available at online racebooks. The betting odds that are offered at the online racebook are the same as the on-track odds. They are tied in to the toteboard. You can play the big Pick 6 carryovers online and also the major events of horse racing like the Kentucky Derby.

Why, then, would someone even consider betting at a Las Vegas racebook? Let’s compare and contrast the two experiences a little bit more.

Comparing Las Vegas Racebooks and Online Horse Betting

Each type of horse race betting has its advantages and disadvantages. What those mean for you is going to depend upon the experience that you are after. Here are the pros of each.

Pros of Horse Betting at a Las Vegas Racebook:

  • Some Las Vegas Racebooks offer free handicapping contests
  • Complimentary alcoholic beverages at some racebooks
  • Social association with other handicappers
  • Instant access to cash winnings

Pros of Horse Betting Online:

  • No need to leave home
  • Less noise
  • You make the rules in your environment (no smoking, drinking, etc. if you choose)
  • Free money to bet

Among the advantages listed for online racebooks, the access to free money for betting is huge. Most online racebooks will give you a nice welcome bonus when you create your account and make a deposit. You can use that money to help build your horse racing bankroll.

You can also receive free past performances when you bet online. This alone can save you many dollars over the course of a year.

Now, the disadvantages of each setting.

Cons of Horse Betting at a Las Vegas Racebook:

  • Very loud environment
  • Smoking is allowed in some racebooks
  • Arguments between patrons
  • Casino environments can be expensive

Cons of Horse Betting Online:

  • Winnings must be withdrawn to a bank account or cryptocurrency wallet, and this can take some time
  • Internet connection can go down
  • No social interaction

Even though there are a few cons of betting online, we believe these are outweighed by the advantages. This is true even if you live in Las Vegas.

Are you ready to try your hand at online horse betting? Check out our recommended online racebook and you can be betting from home in a matter of minutes.

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