Horse Racing Betting at FanDuel

In the United States there are many online horse betting sites to choose from. One that may go overlooked is FanDuel. This online sports book was not created for horse betting. It has only started to offer bets on the sport as more states begin to legalize online sports betting.


Before you open an account and begin betting horses at FanDuel, here is some information that you might want to consider. You will find that horse racing betting at FanDuel has some small differences over betting with other sites.

FanDuel Was Originated As a Fantasy Betting Site

When FanDuel was created in 2009, the founders of the company envisioned a site where individuals could make bets on fantasy sports contests. These contests are popular among many people and usually run over the course of a sports season. FanDuel changed the model by making the contests daily affairs.

Once the way became clear for states in the US to legalize online sports betting and online casinos, FanDuel adjusted its business model to focus on sports wagering. It now provides multiple states with a full sportsbook.

FanDuel Was Not Built to Offer Horse Betting

The FanDuel site was not built to offer online horse betting. As a result, there are limitations to what bettors will find at the site. The first thing to know is that FanDuel does not have a large number of partnerships with race tracks to offer parimutuel wagering.

For an online horse betting site to provide wagering it must be connected to the parimutuel pools that are offered on the race track. Online and live bettors have to be able to bet into the same pools. This creates a problem in some cases because licensing fees may need to be paid to the race track. As a result, most of the FanDuel offerings that we have seen are for the major tracks only.

You might be able to make wagers on races at Churchill Downs or Belmont Park, but you will probably not be able to access smaller tracks or horse racing tracks that are located overseas. Most serious horse racing bettors want this kind of access, and there are plenty of other horse racing betting sites which provide it.

Another issue is the betting menu. All of the bets that a player would find on the track at a horse racing venue might not be available at FanDuel. You may be able to make bets on straight wagers, but exotic bets might not be available.

Using FanDuel For Horse Betting on Big Racing Days

One might be able to make an argument that horse racing betting at FanDuel is profitable during the big racing days. This would mean using the horse betting site to watch and wager on the Kentucky Derby or Breeders’ Cup. On these days FanDuel might be offering special deals to those who like to bet on horses.

What you have to do is consider how often you will use FanDuel for betting after the big horse racing days are over. There may be much better options available in the form of other horse betting sites.

Now, we are not opposed to the player joining FanDuel to claim any bonus money that is offered. Sometimes it can be worth signing up to receive a matching deposit bonus. Just know that you will probably have to wager that money back a certain number of times before you are allowed to cash it out.

Better Alternatives for Online Horse Betting in the US and Abroad

Our own opinion is that there are better options for the horse bettor. Horse racing betting at FanDuel just has too many limitations. You would be better off choosing a company like TwinSpires available to USA Bettors or even an offshore horse betting site like Bovada to make your horse racing bets.

These horse betting sites will have much more to offer than FanDuel. You can start by expecting access to a larger number of race tracks that you would get at a sportsbook. This can also include tracks like those found in Hong Kong which provide better chances to win large sums of money.

On a random day in September you might be able to find a day full of million dollar races if you have access to betting at Kentucky Downs. But you will not find access to that small horse racing track if you have chosen to limit yourself to FanDuel.

Our suggestion is to check out some of the online horse betting sites that we have recommended for you to try. There you will find the best service, the largest bonuses, and an overall superior experience in online horse racing betting. If you are in the United States, check our Bovada racebook reviewAmWager review, BUSR, BetUS, Twinspires review, or Betamerica review. If you are outside the US, 5Dimes review for folks anywhere!

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