The future of Esports and Betting

Have you heard the term esports lately? Probably so. These competitive events attract video gamers from all over the world. Esports have become so popular that people even bet on them. The future of esports and betting seems to look bright as more people become fascinated with electronic sports.

At Ez Horse Betting, we will take a look at esports and some of the most popular examples. We’ll also discuss how these events have taken on an appeal for the online bettor.

League of Legends Becomes an Obsession

Video gamers have always been passionate about their hobby. For many of them, playing games goes beyond a hobby. It is a complete lifestyle with its own culture.

Esports, or electronic sports, are events which use video games to simulate competition. Players battle it out on their gaming screens instead of in actual live arenas. They take these competitions seriously. Tournaments are always being held, and cash prizes have grown to six figures or more for the most popular games.


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Ask those who play esports about the popularity of the events and you’ll soon arrive at League of Legends. This game has been more responsible for the esports boom than any other franchise. It was released in October 2009 and has gone on to attract millions of players. The championship tournament finals broadcast by ESPN have garnered an astounding 44 million viewers.

League of Legends is free to play. The franchise makes money by allowing its players to customize their characters in a number of ways. The game is essentially a battle arena in which contests are held to determine which player or team is strongest. Players use a variety of weapons and gear to eliminate other players on opposing squads.

This game and others like it have inspired a devoted following. People that play the games are very serious about the competitions. This seriousness has taken esports to another level, one where individuals bet on the outcome. Virtual sporting events with betting allowed may still feel a little futuristic, but here we are.

Betting Real Money on Virtual Battles

Online betting giant Bovada is just one of the companies to recognize the potential profit in esports betting. A quick check of the Bovada lobby will reveal team matches that can be wagered on in real time. The esports are virtual and imaginary, the money is not. Those who bet on these events are able to score an actual payout.

League of Legends and other esports franchises are able to support the creation of teams. Some of these teams amass a huge following. It might even be proper to say that some esports teams have a larger following than actual sports teams. That translates to a lot of dollars being wagered at online betting sites.

And why not? People love to bet on anything and everything. Esports are no exception. They are actual competitions which feature actual people trying to best one another. You might not be willing to call these players athletes, but no one can deny their rabid fan bases.

Esports Vs. Fantasy Sports

Don’t make the mistake of marking esports and fantasy sports as the same thing. Fantasy sports involve real sports teams in the athletic field. For years it has been possible to wager on contests that use the stats of professional sports teams to determine winners and losers. Fantasy sports are a big deal for sites like FanDuel and DraftKings. They bring in millions of dollars in revenue each year.

When it comes to esports, the fantasy is not just limited to stats. It also includes the events themselves. Want to bet on a bloody battle between orcs and dwarves? Esports makes it possible. Think that your dragon can beat your friend’s dragon? Put your money where your mouth is. It’s all just a game until it becomes time to pay the winners and the losers. Then everything gets real.

What Does the Future Hold for Betting on Esports?

One lesson from history cannot be denied. If there is interest in betting, someone will satisfy that interest. It has not taken very long for some online betting sites to recognize that there is money to be made on esports.

What people have to remember here is that hardcore bettors don’t necessarily have to be fans of certain events to make bets on them. Why is this important? Because 50-year-old Bob the Sports Bettor from Indiana could care less that these esports are contested among young video gamers. Bob may not even like video games, or even young people, but he likes to bet and win.

Serious bettors really don’t think about the event. They think more about their ability to profit from the outcome of the event. That’s the beauty of sports betting. You don’t have to be a ping pong player to bet on ping pong. You can be a hero at football wagering without ever having touched a pigskin.

For this reason the future of esports and betting looks bright. The games themselves are more popular than ever. Online betting is becoming legal in more areas, especially in the United States. Everything always comes down to following the money, and there is money to be made for everyone here.

It would also be likely to see online sports betting sites like Bovada continue to sponsor esports tournaments. Other betting sites are likely to join in. FanDuel and DraftKings have already started to explore relationships with esports franchises.

A thrilling aspect of this is that all of it can be done from home. The players can play games at home. Bettors can now make bets without leaving the sofa. All of this convenience is sure to have a positive effect. At the same time, those who oppose online betting believe esports betting will only create more problem gamblers.

Are you ready to make a bet on the next big League of Legends event? Create your account with Bovada today and start betting on the biggest battles in the virtual arena. If you are in the United States, check our Bovada racebook reviewAmWager review, BUSR, BetUS, Twinspires review, or Betamerica review. If you are outside the US, 5Dimes review for folks anywhere!

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